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Mike Howard

Host – jpeg2RAW

Mike Howard is the host of the jpeg2RAW podcast, creator of Nov Studios and writer for the jpeg2RAW blog.  Along with his wife and two boys, he lives in the Atlanta area where he works as the Controller (ie, head bean counter) for a large national company.

Mike’s entrance into photography really began 2000 with the purchase of his first digital camera, the Fuji FinePix 2400.  While this camera was very limited in capability, the images he created made him thirsty for more.  He next moved up to the Olympus 2100 UZ and loved that little camera.  After a short disappointing time with the Olympus E-10, Mike moved over to Nikon with his first DSLR, the Nikon D-100.  A wonderful  camera he still owns today and is contemplating converting to full time IR. Mike now main shoots with his Nikon D2x or his D2h, both of which are showing their ago, but still performing strong.

Mike’s main subjects over the years has been related to his boys, either shooting their sports and giving images to the parents or taking photos while camping or on vacation.  He even spent a few seasons as a hired sports shooter for a local photography company shooting over a thousand soccer games, mainly for the fun of shooting!

While he still does some sport shooting, most of his attention has turned to landscape including HDR and IR (infrared).


Mike’s contact information:

e-mail podcast@novstudios.com
Blog www.mhfoto.com/blog
Twitter @jpeg2raw
Facebook jpeg2RAW group
Flickr jpeg2RAW group




Michelle Hrin

Owner – Michelle Hrin Photography 

Writer – jpeg2RAW

Michelle lives in a rural area just outside of Hickory, NC and is the owner of Michelle Hrin Photography. She is a graduate of Appalachian State University and spent 8 years as a marketing professional for a large telecommunications company. She has 2 Sons and after have her first she eventually decided to be a stay at home mom. She received her first DSLR shortly after that as a gift from her Husband. That is where her love of photography was born. Over the past 4 years Michelle has worked hard to learn the art of photography and build her gear. In 2011 she began taking on clients and portfolio building and eventually started her photography business.


Michelle’s contact information:

Website www.michellehrinphotography.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/michellehrinphotography




Stacie Jensen

Owner – Stacie Jensen Photography

Writer – jpeg2RAW


Simple Gal with a camera and a passion!

I have loved art since I can remember. I excelled in art classes, so quickly I realized I had to make this a career. When I graduated in 1996, I immediately jumped into web design and then naturally went into graphic design and photography. I can’t seem to stop the creative idea’s from flowing. I want to create, create, create!

When I am on a photo shoot I am in the moment. I am one with my camera. This is the beauty of what we do. We can meet new people, jump into their most personal moments and create an amazing piece of work for them to cherish forever.

If I was asked what my favorite type of photography is I would simply say PEOPLE. Yep, I adore you all. There are so many facets to an individual. I like what makes you different. I like to capture what you normally don’t see.

I ADORE making action sets and presets for Photoshop, Elements & Lightroom.  It’s my way of giving back and teaching others.  This portion of my company is insanely busy.  I work about 14 hours a day and love every minute of it.  My biggest passion is creating and so if I can help others create and edit beautiful images I am fulfilling all my dreams!

xoxo Stacie Jensen


Stacie’s contact information:

Website http://www.staciejensenphotography.com
Blog http://www.staciejensenphotography.com/store
Store http://www.staciejensenphotography.com/store
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stacie-Jensen-Photography/234796333223173
Forums http://www.staciejensenphotography.com/forums