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#208 – Rocks vs DSLR?

Tim and Mike discuss recent photography news. Amazon delivers rocks instead of a DSLR, the new Sony A7 III, Bride ordered to pay $89,000 after social media posts and photos taken 300 feet from a rocket launch.

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#168–JoAnne & Jason Marino–Wedding Photography

JoAnne & Jason are Arizona Wedding Photographers with a style that sets them apart! Each with their own skills, combine to make an awesome team of rockstar talent and creative styles.

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#95 – Cosmin Danilia – Indian, Punjabi, Weddings

Cosmin Danilia – Wedding Photographer – Indian, Punjabi, Weddings Cosmin Danilia, wedding photographer of Indian, Punjabi and many other diverse weddings, some lasting days rather than hours. (more…)

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#92 – Trevor Dayley – Wedding Photography

Trevor Dayley – Wedding Photography   Trevor Dayley is a wedding photography, writer for Fstoppers and a father of 5.  Were does he find time for it all? (more…)

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#81 – Melissa Rae Photography – Off Camera Flash

Melissa & Jared – Wedding Photographers Melissa & Jared from Melissa Rae Photography share their incredible images and their off camera flash technic.   Melissa Rae Photography (partially taken from Andy’s website – go here for his write-up) Melissa Rae Photography is made up of the husband and wife team Melissa and Jared.  They are passionate about wedding photography […]

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Ben & Les Photography17

Show #70 – Ben & Les Wedding Photography + freelensing

Host Mike Howard,Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie interview Ben Hartley from Ben & Les Photography – Wedding Photographers. Mike Update – Mike purchased a new strap. BlackRapid -   The BlackRapid R-Strap is for the active photographer.  With an ergonomic fit and a Brad this strap keeps your camera close during your most extreme adventures. Ben […]

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Show #67–Kat Braman

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie interview photographer Kat Braman about her style of shooting weddings with film cameras and weddings of various religions. Subscribe – iTunes Audio Feed Subscribe – iTunes Video Feed Kat Braman: Started in photography after a trip to Alaska and wanted to take photos…started with a Canon Rebel.  […]

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