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#219 – Nikon Announces their Mirrorless Cameras

Nikon finally makes their mirrorless camera announcements with 2 cameras. Should you switch to mirrorless? Are the new cameras enough to keep you switching from Nikon to Sony? What about the $600 50mm f1.8 lens?

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#216 – Nikon Goes Mirrorless

Tim and Mike discuss recent photography news. Nikon official mirrorless announcement coming August 23rd and should you use filters on your lens to protect the glass?

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A.D.Wheeler___190715-November 22, 2015-untitled shoot

#160–A.D. Wheeler– Mirrorless Cameras

This might be Tim’s favorite show so far. We talk Sony cameras, including the a7rII, if it makes to switch from another brand and lens selection for the Sony brand.. We also discuss A.D.’s work over at the Arcanum.

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Nikon S1

#96 – Mirrorless Cameras – The end of the DSLR

Mirrorless Cameras – Is it the end of the DSLR Tim and Mike are joined by Ces White for a discussion about mirrorless cameras.  We talk about the differences between the two systems and if it means the end of the DSLR. (more…)

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