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#151–Backup Plan for your Images

We all know how important it to have a proper backup plan for your images. Yet, every month I hear of some photographer who has lost images and didn’t have them backed up. There really is no excuse any more to not having a proper backup plan. In this episode, Mike walks us through his […]

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Show #51–Home Tech Podcast Host

Subscribe – iTunes Audio Feed Subscribe – iTunes Video Feed Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie are joined by Jim Collison, Christian Johnson Kevin Schoonover from  The Average Guy Podcast.  The goal for the show, find the perfect backup solution for Kathleen.  Did we succeed, you have to watch or listen to find […]

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Show #38–Protect your images from Data Loss

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie discuss what Kathleen has been doing for the last few weeks.  We also spend a decent amount of time discussing methods to protect your images from data loss, which is a topic EVERY photography needs to address.   Future show calendar for jpeg2RAW Kathleen will work on […]

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