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#194 – Lightroom People View

Mike demos how he uses the People view in Lightroom.

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Saleem Abubacker is a Ph.D candidate in the Biomedical Engineering graduate program. Abubacker's research focusses on potential injectable treatments that help the joint stay lubricated, which can slow the progression of osteoarthritis, avoid invasive procedures like joint replacements and reduce the costs associated with treating osteoarthritis.

#173 – Riley Brandt – Darktable

Riley Brandt is a full time photographer for the University of Calgary. Over the years he has transitioned to using Open Source software for most of photography needs. In this episode, Riley discusses an Open Source alternative to Lightroom called Darktable.

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Victoria Bampton-2

#149–Victoria Bampton–The Lightroom Queen

Victoria Bampton earned the name “Lightroom Queen” from fellow forum members because of her vast knowledge of Lightroom and her willingness to help others. Now in her very first podcast appearance, Victoria comes to jpeg2RAW to share some of this knowledge and discuss what’s new in Lightroom 6.

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#120–Rob Sylvan–Lightroom vs Adobe Bridge

Ron Sylvan, photographer, trainer, author and Lightroom expert discusses his experience about Lightroom after being on a specialist for the NAPP & Kelby Training Help Desk since Lightrom v1

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#116–Mike Wren–Photosmith

Mike Wren – Chief User Advocate, Evangelist & Workflow Geek from Photosmith walks us through their mobile iPad app for Lightroom.

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#112–Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile Adobe recently announced the release of Lightroom Mobile for the iPad.  Tim gives us his first hand experiences, plus we discuss an alternative from Photosmith. (more…)

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#91- Photoshop Photography Program

Adobe Photoshop Photography Program Adobe recently announced their new “Photoshop Photography Program” as a compromise.  Does it go far enough for you? (more…)

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