Our approach to Donations

As you might guess, running this site and producing the podcast cost money, and more than you would think. While the purpose of the site and the podcast is to freely provide photography related support to the photography community, we also don’t want to lose tons of money. Therefore we ask for a small favor from you.

Throughout the site, you will see ads and links to either Amazon or Adorama. I make most of my photography related purchases from these sites, and purchase other items from Amazon as well. All we ask is that you click on one of these links to start your purchase process. By doing this, you will not incur any additional cost, but we will get a small commission that will help offset the cost of keeping everything running. In addition to clicking on the Amazon or Adorama links before purchasing from them, please click on one of the other ads (Google Adsense ads). You don’t even need to purchase anything from the site it takes you to, we get a small commission just from you clicking on the link.

Thanks for your help!!

Mike Howard