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#109 – Susan Eckert – Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography We interview boudoir photographer Susan Eckert and get her thoughts and approach to boudoir photography. (more…)

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#89 – Rachel Brenke – The Lawtog

Rachel Brenke – The Lawtog Sarah Cornish is a lifestyle family photographer with her own style and approach to photography and life. (more…)

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Show #72 – Matt Suess – Fine Art

Host Mike Howard and Tim Kemperle interview photographer Matt Suess. Matt Suess Mini Bio Matt’s professional photography career began in 1990. He was a photojournalist for 17 years working for newspapers and magazines in New England. In 2006 he moved to Arizona, leaving his photojournalism career behind to focus on fine art photography full-time. Matt […]

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Show #69 – Michael Clark – Lightroom Workflow

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie interview Adventure Sport Photographer Michael Clark about his Lightroom workflow.   Michael Clark Photography Ways to Speed Up Lightroom Fast Computer Render Previews of 1:1 on Import Types of previews Thumbnail (Minimal Preview) Standard (Screen Size) 1:1 (Full size image – will take time to upload) Connection […]

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