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Ashley Siegert from Fig-Mint Photography discusses adding Birth Photography to your photography business.

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#197 – A.D. Wheeler – Photo Editing Software Special

A.D. Wheeler demo’s several photo editing software programs you might not have used before.  Some of these programs include LandscapePro, Plotagraph, One1 and Luminar.

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#196 – Should you go into debt for gear?

Photography as a hobby can cost a lot.  If photography is your business, gear can be a significant expense.  So, should you going into debt for gear?  Some say yes, some say never, the real answer may be maybe.

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On an Ohio Art Etch A Sketch, the art is lending a hand to help the artist finish the piece - performing a duet.  This is a three photo composite.

Day 156 of 365.

Copyright 2016 Scott Norris Photography

#195 – Scott Norris

Scott Norris is a photographer, freelance animator and motion graphic designer. Scott recently completed a 365 photography project where he posted an image and blog entry every day for a year.

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#193 – Back to a Crop Sensor

A while back, we discussed some of the differences between a Full Frame camera and a Crop Sensor camera. Now Mike has moved back to a crop sensor with the purchase of a new Nikon D500.

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#192 – Curtis Hustace – Product Photography

Curtis is a product photographer for Amazon and other retailers such as Kohls. Curtis takes us into the world high volume photography that most of us never really thought about, but something that is critical to these business.

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#191 – End of Nikon?

Tim and Mike discuss Nikon’s recent extraordinary loss announcement.

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