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A Bare Naked Photographer

Okay, so maybe I’m not down to my birthday suit holding a D7000 (ha! note to self – that just might be the ticket to the perfect “laughing” shot), but I am naked none the less. I am unprotected from your criticism. I am wide open to your interpretation. I am putting my “eye” out […]

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Helpful tips to streamline your editing workflow and provide high quality images

So your home from a photo shoot and you are exhausted, but the job is not done. The editing magic needs to be applied!   This is where you can fix exposure and even make your subjects flawless, but it is a delicate process and a balance between adding the perfect touch without over processing. Editing […]

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Nikon D800–Initial thoughts

Anyone who has listened to the podcast knows I am a loyal Nikon fan boy.  But even Nikon’s need to be replaced every now and then.  My current camera bodies are the Nikon D2x (12MP)and the Nikon D2h (4MP), both from Nikon’s pro line of cameras.  What does a “pro” camera mean?  Well it doesn’t […]

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Back button focus

I have read so many times from other photographers during my journey to learn back button focus, about how it was one of the biggest skills that changed their photography forever and helped them grow significantly. I have also read just as many photographers words about how they just can’t get it and how they […]

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