#189 – Drones, Fstoppers and more with Alex Cooke

Alex Cooke

Alex is a musician, mathematician, photographer and editor.  We talk to Alex about writing for the popular photography website fStoppers, his 10 tips for flying drones in Winter and more.


Alex Cooke

(go here for his About Me page,  selected info below.)

Hello, I’m Alex Cooke. I’m a musician and mathematician who found that his artistic inclinations and obsessive attention to detail suited him perfectly to photography. I’m also an editor for the popular photography site, Fstoppers. Check out my articles here: Alex Cooke on Fstoppers

To me, photography is a way to communicate intention, character and emotion. I strive to give my clients the tools to document life’s important events and to represent who they are and what they want from the world in an elegant and direct fashion. I currently serve Cleveland, OH and surrounding areas. I specialize in portraiture, aerial, events, and landscape photography.

Show Notes:

(paraphrased responses)

  • Intro Questions:

    • How does a musician and mathematician become a photographer?
      • Grew up with cameras in my hands…didn’t really start until a Black Friday sale and purchased a Canon Rebel
      • Music is really in my heart and this is a creative opportunity
      • Math / Science…photography has a lot science within it
    • Are you a full time photographer?
      • Finishing up Grad School, photography 40 hours per week
    • How did you get started writing for fstoppers?
      • Spend 2-3 hours per day writing articles
      • Always have been following…wonderful photography site.  Noticed no real articles popularizing math / science and asked Fstoppers if they wanted / needed articles
      • Over 300+ articles written…
    • With so many articles written already, how do you keep finding new topics?
      • Keep my mind open to look for new articles
    • 2016 Most popular articles on fstoppers – https://fstoppers.com/profile/14596/articles
  • Interview

    • You have a wide variety of images on your site, what area of photography interest you the most?
      • Portraits and Drone work.  Enjoy the challenge of getting someone comfortable in front of a camera.
    • What drone are you currently using?
      • DJI Phantom 4
    • Does using a drone add complexity…especially during a wedding?
      • Yes, only a short period of time to take a photograph and not as intuitive as if your are just flying the drone
      • Need to map out what is going to be done.  Met with the bride / groom a month before the wedding to setup the scheduled shots
      • Drone photography is done after the standard shots
      • Ensure you get the ok from the location
      • Ensure your insurance is up to date
    • I understand you are into horses.
      • Yes, life long equestrian.
      • Photo showed the 25 year birthday celebration of my horse
  • Wrap Up:

    • Where do you want to go from here?
      • Love writing about photography and will continue
      • Working to build a larger landscape portfolio to start settling
      • Teach music theory / composition during the day, photography at night
    • 10 tips for flying drones in winter – https://fstoppers.com/profile/14596/articles


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Alex Cooke


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