#188 – Drones with A.D. Wheeler

Drones with A.D. Wheeler

Drones are reaching more and more average consumers, which comes with huge possibilities and risk.  jpeg2RAW discusses the current state of consumer drones with A.D. Wheeler.

A.D. Wheeler

(from A.D.’s website – go here for his write-up.

I am a New York based photographer specializing in landscape and a style I call “abandonscape” photography. The best place to see my work is here my website. I also sell limited editions of my work on metal at art festivals and galleries up and down the east coast. If you are interested in carrying my works in your shop or gallery, please contact me. I also host workshops and photowalks to help other photographers learn more about their art.

Show Notes:Click He

  • Interview
    • Tell us about drones…
      • If you are a photographer you need one.
      • Need a Commercial Drone License; FAA Part 107
      • First used DJI Phantom 3 Professional…pretty much flies itself
      • New drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro will fly indoors
      • When learning…go to a wide open field to ensure if an issue occurs there is room to recover without damage to person / property
    • Why as a photographer use a drone
      • Real Estate photography…great for aerial shots of the home…need the Commercial License
      • Looking to do Tourist Guides of the local areas in Upstate New York
    • Rules around privacy
      • Not many yet…rule of thumb.  How will neighbors feel about a drone flying around
      • Wide angle lens of drone not conducive for close shots
    • Apps
      • Litchi – Autonomous flight app…setup the drone to fly a pattern based on Google Maps
      • Autopilot – Closer to a commercial grade autonomous flight app

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A.D. Wheeler


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