#183 – Jordan Younce

Jordan Younce

Jordan Younce is a graphic designer, photographer and the creator of the website Picturemonk.com.  He has a passion for Real Estate and Architectural photography as well as Landscape photography.


Jordan Younce

(go here for his About Me page,  selected info below.)

My passion for photography started in 2005 when I had my first digital camera. I never really took anything special with it (family, friends, etc.) but the photo that set me on my path in photography was a photo of the American Flag at the top of a City Hall building. It wasn’t the greatest photo of course but I knew it had potential.

After that, I decided to study the art of photography. That involved watching hours upon hours of YouTube videos, reading photography manuals, and after going back to college to train for a different career path, getting Certified in Photography from Guildford Technical Community College.

Show Notes:

(paraphrased responses)

  • Intro Questions:

    • Tell us about your background
      • Started in photography with a camera that I wanted to have“blurry background”.  Started with a Sony A200.  
      • Moved to a camera with video a Canon T2i
    • Gear?
    • Software?
      • Lightroom for general edits
      • Photoshop for advanced editing (no HDR)
    • What types of photography do you enjoy the most?
      • Real Estate


  • Interview

    • How did you get into real estate photography?
      • Started in landscape…most accessible
      • Saw Mike Kelly a Real Estate photography and realized this is what I enjoy…not really into portraits
      • 9-5 job is a graphic designer which allowed me to get practice…helped build up my portfolio
      • Looking to go full time into the Real Estate photography
    • What do you prefer…Landscape or Real Estate photography?
      • Pretty much the same…usually shoot with others for Landscape photography and gives a chance to bond.  The Real Estate is usually more fun…looking to make art out of the client’s living room.
    • Would you do real estate photography full time if you could?
      • Yes…looking to go full time in the future
    • HDR – Utilized Software
      • Not used
    • Drone?  Any chance to incorporate in the future?
      • Most definitely, waiting for the company to build up the funds to purchase.  First purchase will be a new computer.
    • Tell me about your MiMic videos
      • Video series that is ongoing.  Finding really cool images online and review how it is edited and try to edit on a photo of mine and create a Lightroom Preset and give it away afterwards.  
    • What is PictureMonk?
      • Abstract meaning – Name Monk came from the TV Show Monk…the character was OCD and needed to be perfect which is what I try to do with my photos.
    • How do you balance a full time day job and your photography job?
      • Prioritize time between work, family and hobbies
      • Make time and stick with it
    • Video – Tell me the “5 Things to do while taking a photo” – video
      • Look around – look for other options
      • Settings – what are the settings…are they correct
      • Video – What is this “When to shoot jpeg” video?
      • Never
      • When you don’t want to edit
  • Wrap Up:

    • What’s next for Jordan?
      • Advancing what I am doing.  
      • The Real Estate will grow as this is word of mouth.  
      • PictureMonk…something fun to do
    • What’s in your bag?
      • Canon 6D (Main shooter)
      • 24-105 f/4 (came with the camera)
      • 17-40 f/4 USM (Main lens)
      • 75-300 f4-5.6 (not sharp but useful)
      • Nifty 50
      • GoPro Hero Session (used for quick video)
      • Tripod – Amazonbasics Tripod
    • What’s the best place for people to follow you and contact you?


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Jordan Younce



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