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Ralph Velasco

Ralph Velasco is a world traveler and the person behind the company PhotoEnrichment Adventures.  His photo tours take him to places from Iceland to Copper Canyon Mexico and for a reasonable price, he will take you along on the trip.
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Ralph Velasco

(go here for his About Me page,  selected info below.)
Ralph Velasco is President, Founder and CEO (Chief Experience Officer) of PhotoEnrichment Programs, Inc. d.b.a. PhotoEnrichment Adventures, as well as a travel photography instructor and international guide who has photographed in over 50 countries on 6 continents.
He’s the author of “Ralph Velasco On Travel Photography: 101 Tips for Developing Your Photographic Eye & More,” as well as the creator of the My Shot Lists for Travel app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch®.

Show Notes:

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  • Intro Questions:

    • Give us refresher on who Ralph Velasco is and what he does.

      • New website, from Ralphvalasco.com to Photoenrichment.com for Photoenrichment Adventures.

      • CEO – Chief Enrichment Officer

    • What have you been up to since the last time we talked (show #138 – March 10, 2015); Trips per year

      • Group trips, leading with participants – 8 trips

      • Scouting trips – 3 – 4 trips, solo with a tour operator.  See much more on a scouting trip and then pair it down for the group trip the following year. 

      • Try to get out early…prior to the tourist crowds coming out…cooler better light, less bugs.

      • I see you now have some new members on the team.


  • Interview

    • Any areas you are currently avoiding or needing to take extra caution?

      • Only time cancelled a trip was to Turkey…this past April.  Build up of issues prior to the trip which resulted in the cancellation.  Likely to stay away from Turkey for the foreseeable future.

    • What tours do you have coming up?

      • Copper Canyon, Mexico

        • Everything is included in the price except the flight…even meals due to the limited locations to dine 

      • Romania

      • Croatia

      • Cambodia (different trip leader)

      • Vietnam (different trip leader)

      • Baltics

      • Spain

      • Iceland

    • What is “Out of Chicago” and “Out of New York”?

      • Photography conference by Chris Smith, 3rd Annual

      • 3 Day conference

        • Class room

        • Photo walking tours

      • Out of New York, October 2016

    • Not a workshop?

      • Tours are not a workshop.  Most of the trips are 9 – 14 days due to the time travel to get there.  Image reviews done midway through the trip to offer advice. 

      • Often couples come, one is interest in photography while the other is on the trip…more often than not the other party becomes interested in photography and joins in.

      • Cultural Tours – enjoy food, go out with local chef, food expert etc.  Try the food and photograph as well.

    • Do you find that people attending your trips bond more due to the nature of the trip vs a traditional workshop?

      • More likely to come with a spouse / friend since there is free time versus the workshop where there is less free time. 

      • Most people become good friends

      • Not as competitive as  a workshop

      • Over sixty trips…approximately 4 people would not be reinvited

      • 42% repeat customers, approximately 15-20% referrals


  • Wrap Up:

    • I hear you are starting a new podcast over on TWiP.

      • Looking to start at Travel & Photography podcast within the next several months

        • Interviewing local photographers

        • Talking with US based photographers

        • Talk about a particular destination they have a specialty in

    • What’s in your bag?

      • TIP: Add email address on everything

      • Bag: Thinktank photo – Urban disguise 50

      • Windbreaker / Jacket

      • Medications…in original container

      • Powerstrip…with european adapter

      • Vicks vapor rub…helps eliminate “other odors”

      • Eye mask with ear plugs (Iceland in July…20+ hours of sun)

      • Camera – Panasonic Lumix GX8

      • Power cords for devices

      • Cigarette adapter for charging

      • Ear plugs to eliminate noise

      • White noise generator in phone for sleeping

      • VGA adapter for displaying photos

      • Munchies – Exo bars


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Ralph Velasco




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