#175 – Mitch Russo

Mitch Russo

Mitch Russo is an accomplished business man and world traveler.  He  actively blogs about his travels, his photography and more.  You can see more of his work over on this site – mitchrussotravels.com
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Mitch Russo

(go here for his About Me page,  selected info below.)

Travel Photography is just my excuse to get out of town, visit crazy, exotic places, and make art. I love to photograph the amazing places on this planet. I’ve been doing this for the last 30 years, travel, photograph, exhibit, and print. First with my view camera, later with a digital SLR and now it doesn’t matter. I am about the images I make not so much the gear I carry. If anything, I continue to lighten the load and I no longer need all the crap I used to. As my vision clarified, as my desire for Epic Moments and places crystallized, I now know what I have to do, what I NEED to do to be in The Flow.

I need to photograph, I need to visualize, I need to see what is possible from the moment I stand still to the moment I click the shutter. If I could, I would travel and photograph full time but a loner I am not. Instead my passion is my outlet, my balance to a hectic life, which involves coaching, speaking and mentoring others. But when I can; I travel, I photograph and I immerse myself in cultures far and foreign from my own, because it’s from that viewpoint I see the world.

Show Notes:

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  • Intro Questions:

    • Tell us about yourself and your background?

      • Started when a little boy after uncle brought over a Brownie Camera…my uncle gave me the camera.  After saving allowance I purchased film at the local drugstore. 

      • Dabbled in photography until around 1982…saw photos from Ansel Adams and knew my true calling.

      • 1985 started a software company

      • 1988 started back in photography by studying with the masters

    • End of film for me…around 2005

      • Bought a small digital camera…was just fun,  Then heard Canon was releasing the 5D.  Arrived on location into Morocco and had the opportunity to use tripods in a Mosque with signed letter from King allowing.  Arrived and told not allowed. 

      • Ended up using the Canon 5D at IS0 1,050 and taking photos on the ground and then 1,600 ISO handheld. 

      • Blown away by the quality and knew that it was only going to get better.

    • Change in Camera Gear…Canon to SOny

      • Went on 5th trip to Iceland with a Sony A7R as a rental.  Realized how easy it was to use the Sony…

      • Small, powerful, ability to shoot at lower angles due to the articulating screen

      • Huge amount of dynamic range…stopped shooting HDR

    • Gear?  Camera, lens, tripod, filters?

      • Sony A7R

    • Iceland…getting around?

      • Usually go on a trip with a guide and other photographers.  First trip was with Ron Rosenstock

    • Any formal photography training?


  • Interview

    • “I don’t see when I am not looking”

      • No distractions…one I am at the location I get focused at the present moment.  Avoid everything externally to will take my attention away.

      • When shooting in my earlier years I wandered the streets in Boston and shoot rolls of film and realize that everything was thrown away…slowly I would save one or two photos. 

    • Quote: “Compare yourself to “you” of yesterday!”

      • On a trip to Death Valley…watch another photographer and his wonderful photographs…then asked how long he had been shooting and he stated for two years.  I realized that I can’t compare myself to other photographers and need to see where have I come. 

    • Why blog about your photography?

      • I am writer and love to write.  Wrote a business book last year, currently writing a Science Fiction book.  Writing is like romance…need to pull people into my world and understand what I see. 

      • Usually have two or three blog posts written

      • New hobby is drone photography…started serious photography.  Next blog post will be about photography from 300 feet in the year.

    • How do you edit your images?

      • Lightroom

    • Do you do much HDR?

      • Not much since switching to the Sony A7R

    • Sprinkled throughout your images are some infrared shots.  Do you use a filter (if so which one(s)), or do you use a converted camera?

    • Favorite location?

      • Iceland…will go forever.  Just amazing. 

      • Easy place to travel to…Boston to Iceland is around 4.5 hours

      • One road circles the entire country…M1

      • Getting popular…now need to book months in advance

    • Favorite image?


  • Wrap Up:

    • What’s in your bag?

      • Rolling bag…stays in the room a

      • Sony camera bodies – A7R  and A7Rii

      • Sony Infrared

      • Gitzo Carbon Fiber tripod

      • Ball Head – Really Right Stuff

      • Pano setup – head, L-bracket placed at the exact location for the center of the sensor to rotate on this spot

      • Flashlights…night photographer.  They are submersible to light up underwater bodies of water.

      • ND Filters, ND1000 (10 stop) and ND16 (4 stop)

    • So where next?

      • Want to share my thrill of epic trips and take people with me

      • Travel more / Photograph more

    • Questions:

      • Where in Ireland? 

        • Westport…do daytrips to surrounding areas

    • Tips?

      • Chill out and be flexible…don’t be uptight

      • Slow down…don’t rush.  Think and shoot


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Mitch Russo




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