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Jason Piper

Based in Northern Ireland, Jason has had the opportunity to travel many places around the world.  He has returned with many amazing images of places such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Venice and more.

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Jason Piper

(go here for his About Me page,  selected info below

I’m a landscape and cityscape photographer in my spare time, based in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. I’ve always been interested in photography, my first camera was a Nikon F301 film camera but I never really took it seriously until about three years ago. I’ve tried lots of different styles of photography over the years but found that landscape and cityscape is what I’m really passionate about.

I get to travel to some interesting places with my day job and my camera comes almost everywhere with me. Closer to home, I’ve got the wonderful coastline and country of Ireland to explore and photograph. I like to visit new destinations and try to go to at least one place I’ve never been before every year; even if it’s only in Ireland. At the start of 2015 I was invited to join The Arcanum, where I have learned and grown as a photographer more than I could have imagined. My favorite time of the day is the hours from sunset through to night, where the light is magical and everything comes alive.

Show Notes:

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  • Intro Questions:

    • Tell us about yourself and your photography background?

      • Started years ago…father was into photography. 

      • Started with film, Nikon F3

      • First digital SLR was the Nikon D80, started playing around and the instant feedback helped with the learning

        • Shooting holidays / family gatherings

      • Purchased the D700, however, it exposed differently versus prior camera

      • Upgraded to the Nikon D4…still using the camera

      • Resisted the temptation to go to mirrorless

      • Also looking at medium format

    • Any formal photography training?

    • Gear?  Camera, lens, tripod, filters?


  • Interview

    • Is making money from your photography a goal or dream?

      • Bring views to photographs and the medium to long term intent of making some money to reinvest into travel and / or gear

    • You get to travel to some interesting places, did this help inspire you to take up photography?

      • Traveled to USA, New York several times,

      • Prior to traveling check out sites such as Flickr, Google Maps, for ideas

      • Utilize an App from Trey Ratcliff, Stuck on Earth App

    • Any concern on safety while traveling?

      • No locations I have traveled have caused any issues

    • Have you found the laws to be fairly similar in regards to shooting buildings and other structures?

      • No real issues of taking photographs unless using tripods

    • Do you shoot HDR?

      • Played with HDR to create the images, however, never really able to get the image I wanted…caused lots of frustration

      • Rarely use HDR anymore

      • Almost all images are single exposure adjusted in Lightroom

    • How do you edit your images?

      • Lightroom (70%) / Photoshop (30%)

    • I notice none of your work has people in it, do you remove them?

      • Like for photos to be distraction free…either wait for people to be out of the scene or take a series of images and clone out the people

    • Time of Day?

      • Predominantly evening…sunrise is not as “magical” as sunset

    • Favorite image?

      • Most photos bring back memories of locations I traveled to with different experiences

      • Red photo in Dubai with really long exposure

    • Favorite place to photography?

      • Venice – very different, rarely see a car, everything is in a boat

      • Dubai

    • Anything interesting or scary every happen while shooting in a foreign country?

      • While wandering around after sunset, Hong Kong, and you realize you are in an area you shouldn’t be…kind of backtrack


  • Wrap Up:

    • What’s in your bag?

      • Nikon D4 with 14-24 f/28 and L bracket

      • Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 (non VR)

      • Nikon 70-200 f/2.8

      • Lume Cube

      • Portable hard drive…upload images while traveling

      • Camera Strap – Peak Design

      • Cable release, not essential but useful

      • Nikon MC36 Multi Function Remote Cord

      • Filter – 10 Stop Neutral Density

    • So where next?

      • Looking to travel to Iceland

      • Go back to Venice

      • See more of Ireland (live there)


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Jason Piper



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