#169 – Corey Ann – Photo Stealers

Corey Ann – Photo Stealers

People steal photos everyday.  Often for their personal use, but in many cases it’s done for commercial purposes.  What’s even worse, is many times these photo stealers are other photographers.  Well, one person is trying to do something about that, Corey Ann from Photo Stealers.

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Corey Ann – Photo Stealers

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Show Notes:

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  • Intro Questions:

    • Before we go into Photo Stealers, tell us about your photography.

      • Taking photos my whole life with my father taking photos prior to me.  Prior to my father passed away he talked about my career choice and if I wanted to do that the rest of my life…ultimately I switched to photography which lead to wedding photography

      • Mostly weddings now but also do engagements and some family sessions which are former clients

    • Do you perform many destination weddings?

      • Once per year I also do a destination wedding out of the state…the last was in St. Thomas this past December.

      • Previous wedding was in Cozumel, Mexico as well as Jamaica, Las Vegas and recently in Connecticut. 


  • Interview

    • What made you start Photo Stealers?

      • Someone pointed out to me that a photo looked like the photos were from another photographer and I posted the information on Twitter and then moved to Tumblr.  The all started in 2009. 

    • How do you find issues to investigate?

      • A submission via email or through Facebook

      • Research to determine if it is stolen or taken down

      • Ensure the original source is real versus the fake.

      • Website wix.com

      • Ensure photos are not stock images prior to outing

    • What has been your worse case so far, that you can share?

      • Chris Jones…first outing that went on a wild roller coaster. 

        • Around Christmas time he started to write suicide posts while at the same time having a post about raffling off a camera. 

      • Outed a photographer in Florida in January 2016

        • Taking photos and posting of a clothing shot and even described the time with the little girl in the photos

        • The photographer still has not admitted that she didn’t take the photos even though the photos were in a printed catalog

        • Still every once in awhile they take swipes and even threatened to sue of the outing

    • Do you have anyone helping you with the research?

      • Just myself…only me to take the fall

      • Will review with friends

    • How has the photography community responded?

      • For the most part there has been a lot of support

    • What should a photographer do if they find their work being used by someone else?

      • Register all of the work you are publishing and register your copyright

      • Save photos for web so that a canvas can’t be printed

  • Wrap Up:

    • For your photography business, how would you like it to develop?

      • Happy where the business is and continues to evolve

    • What’s in your bag?

      • Nikon D4, workhorse

      • 24-70, zoom shooter

      • Nikon D700 x2, backup cameras…will moved to a D750

      • Several Primes

        • 35

        • 50 f1.4

      • Four flashes with SD9 battery pack

      • LED Panel video light…mainly used for shots of rings


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Corey Ann




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