#168–JoAnne & Jason Marino–Wedding Photography

JoAnne & Jason Marino

JoAnne & Jason are Arizona Wedding Photographers with a style that sets them apart!  Each with their own skills, combine to make an awesome team of rockstar talent and creative styles.
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JoAnne & Jason

(from the Imagine Photography website – go here for their write-up.

Arizona wedding photographers, Imagine Photography were recently named “2014 top 50 wedding photographers in North America” by wedzilla.com.

We have quickly become the go-to Arizona wedding photographers for those seeking fun, killer, addictive wedding photography anywhere in the world. From hanging out of the windows of moving cars, to standing on an active airstrip; if it makes a great shot, we’re going to risk it all.

This may sound like the treatment for a Hollywood action flick, but this is serious business for us. JoAnne has been an award-winning photographer for over a decade; and we hear a lot about “rockstar” photographers these days, but as a former touring musician, I’m about as close as it gets. I became a photographer over six years ago after meeting JoAnne and being inspired by her amazing talent. We are now an inseparable team, delivering consistently great photography for our awesome wedding clientele, and anyone that demands unique, stunning photographic services.

Show Notes:

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  • Intro Questions:

    • So how did each of you get into photography?

      • JoAnne – started photography in High School and found it very interesting.  Realized I wanted to further education and just used photography on the side.  Started with shooting weddings with film. 

      • After doing more and more weddings and getting more requests we determined that we would start a business somewhere around 2009

      • Working together as husband and wife since 2009

    • Describe your work?

      • Killer wedding photography for chich

    • Which one has the real talent? 

      • JoAnne…absolutely.  Jason is a little reckless and JoAnne will point out the little things to guide to a better photograph.

      • Jason is more technical

    • Who runs the business side?

      • JoAnne does the bookkeeping / taxes while Jason takes the client interaction / social medial

    • Gear?


  • Interview

    • Do you use flash in a lot of images

      • Yes, will need to help out many rooms that have proper light.  Will use the flash to keep the room dark and only show what we want.

    • Did lighting set you apart from the competition?

      • Yes…there are people who shoot over our shoulders and we don’t have an issue as they are not likely able to produce the same result without the flash

    • Talk to me about the relationship between the photographer and the bride, and the groom?

      • Relationship is about trust…this builds better work and allows the couple to feel comfortable at all times with us. 

    • Love the page on your site called “Client Lounge

      • Ability to build the relationship with the client

    • Tell me about the wildest wedding you have shot so far?

      • Last Labor Day we received a call the Thursday before the wedding that the photographer was unable to travel to South Africa…took the job and left within 12 hours of the call.  Within 24 hours we were shooting the wedding.

    • Where do you do weddings?

      • Mainly west coast but have been to the east coast, New Orleans, couple of weddings in Mexico.  Upcoming weddings in Europe as well.

    • Why should a wedding photographer go to WPPI?  Is it just for wedding photographers?

      • This is amazing to build relationships and networking. 

    • Revenue streams for the wedding photographer – Engagement, Wedding Day, Trash the Dress, Workshops – how have things changed over the years?

      • Have approximately 75 engagements a year and recently have started getting commercial engagements


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JoAnne & Jason



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