#160–A.D. Wheeler– Mirrorless Cameras

A.D. Wheeler discusses Sony Mirrorless Cameras

This might be Tim’s favorite show so far.  We talk Sony cameras, including the a7rII, if it makes to switch from another brand and lens selection for the Sony brand..  We also discuss A.D.’s work over at the Arcanum.
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A.D. Wheeler

(from A.D.’s website – go here for his write-up.

I am a New York based photographer specializing in landscape and a style I call “abandonscape” photography. The best place to see my work is here my website. I also sell limited editions of my work on metal at art festivals and galleries up and down the east coast. If you are interested in carrying my works in your shop or gallery, please contact me. I also host workshops and photowalks to help other photographers learn more about their art.

Show Notes:Click He

  • Interview
    • Working with The Arcanum – Since July 2014
      • Who is the Arcanum for?
        • For the people that have tried everything and would like to step into something new.
    • Switching to Sony…started with a Sony A100, originally a Minolta, a cheap dSLR
    • Prior a Pentax film camera and Nikon Point & Shoot
    • Upgraded to a Sony A200, A500 and then A55…last mirror camera…converted to infrared camera and dedicated to IR photography
    • Moved to the A77…great camera when it came out.  Used for event photography
    • Also used the A99…a full frame sensor and never used the A77 again
    • Moved to mirrorless full frame A7R and use with vintage lenses. 
      • This was a change from the “A” mount lens to the “E” count lens.  A converter can be used to adapt other manufacture lenses.
      • The adapter (metabones)retains the functionality of the lens…autofocus / aperture etc.
    • Sony released A7RII firmware with 14 Bit uncompressed RAW

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A.D. Wheeler




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