#149–Victoria Bampton–The Lightroom Queen

Victoria Bampton – The Lightroom Queen

Victoria Bampton earned the name “Lightroom Queen” from fellow forum members because of her vast knowledge of Lightroom and her willingness to help others.  Now in her very first podcast appearance, Victoria comes to jpeg2RAW to share some of this knowledge and discuss what’s new in Lightroom 6.

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Victoria Bampton

(from Victoria’s website – go here for more info.


My father was a professional photographer long before I was born, so I grew up in a photographic family business. I’ve always been a bit of a geek, so I managed the transition from film to digital photography at the studio in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Once that was running smoothly, I set up a successful raw processing business catering primarily for professional wedding photographers.

When Lightroom was released as a beta in 2006, I knew it had great potential and couldn’t wait to get involved. I even bought my first Mac to run the original Lightroom beta builds, as they weren’t available for Windows (and then I got hooked on Apple gear… Adobe has a lot to answer for! )

I never planned to write a book. I was involved in helping others on the forums and people kept suggesting I compile all the frequently asked questions into a book. Eventually, I gave in and did so, and it’s grown from there. My Adobe Lightroom – The Missing FAQ series of books has become far more popular than I ever imagined, which means I’m able to spend my time helping people.

These days, I pop up all over the place, and I’m always happy to lend a helping hand wherever possible. I run Lightroom Forums, I’m a Moderator at Adobe’s User to User forums and Adobe’s Feature Request/Bug Report forums and an Admin on the Facebook Lightroom Help Group. I’m also an Adobe Community Professional, and I work closely with the brilliant Lightroom engineering team at Adobe, so I’m never ever bored!

Outside of work, I still enjoy photography as a hobby, although I don’t get as much time behind the camera as I’d like. I have two fluffy white dogs, William and Charlie, who regularly feature in my books and blog posts in return for extra biscuits and long walks.

So what does all of this mean to you?

It means I know Lightroom inside out, I’m used to dealing with real problems in real world environments, and I’m here to help YOU. Yes, I mean you personally. So how can I help?

Show Notes:

    • Intro Questions:

      • How did you get into photography?

        • Father is a professional photographer and I am in the family business…however, prefer to be in the support of photographers

      • Are you a full time photographer, hobbyist or other?

        • Still take photographs but mainly as a hobby, prefer to be in the support of photographers.

      • How did you become “The Lightroom Queen”?

        • Nickname given through forums during the early days of Lightroom.  Bought first Mac to run the betas of Lightroom…the betas were original to mac only and when finally released it was to PC / Mac

      • Tell us about “photoshop services”

        • Before Lightroom I was doing Raw editing through Photoshop.  The is like sending photographs off to a lab…just now digital.

      • Interview & Demo

        • What’s new in LR6?

          • Face recognition…big for friends and family

          • Photomerge for HDR / Panorama…non-destructive

          • GPU – has some teething issues

            • Only works in certain areas of the develop module

        • Why no beta

          • People would want to work with their catalogs and this was an issue

          • Time of working with the beta and then ultimately sending out final product

        • Issues with GPU

          • Works better on really hi-res screens

          • Needs to be a card built within the past two years

          • AMD drivers are causing issues

          • Recommend a card with at least 2GB of RAM

        • First version that is part of Creative Cloud

          • First that is branded under the Creative Cloud

          • Still can purchase as a stand alone

          • Version 6.1 added some updates that would not be available to the perpetual license…only subscription model

        • Issues with Face recognition

          • Switch to  folder with faces…Lightroom will index folder.  Most of the time it will pick out the faces correctly

          • Ability to name photos and LR will try to guess the names

          • No ability to rescan a folder…popular request

        • Issues with import and conversion to DNG

          • Slight issue…imports in separate terms…imports photos and then converts to DNG / facial recognition

          • Anticipate some optimizations in the future

        • What’s your favorite thing about Lightroom that people seldom use or even know about?

          • Quick Develop Tool

        • What’s missing from Lightroom that you would love to see them add at some point?

          • Bug fix…tidy up all the loose ends

          • Catalog on a server…likely a huge rewrite

          • Keywords for Lightroom Mobile

        • What are some of the most common questions you get asked, most common problems people have with Lightroom?

          • Deleted Photos

          • Not backing up catalog

      • Wrap Up:

        • What’s next for Victoria?

          • Working on getting book out the door and have Amazon ship correctly

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Victoria Bampton


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