#148–Greg Benz–Luminosity Masking


Greg Benz – Luminosity Masking

Luminosity masking is a great method for editing the tones within an image. Greg Benz decided to take it to another level, learned a programming language and wrote a Photoshop Extension called “Lumenzia”.

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Greg Benz

(from Greg’s website – go here for more info.

Greg Benz is a cityscape and landscape photographer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Greg’s photos focus on dramatic lines and light, to convey a sense of mood and place. While he has called Minneapolis home for over 10 years, his work includes a broad range of destinations around the world, having traveled to over 70 countries. His goal is not just to create art, but to connect with other photographers to share the vision, tools, and technique behind his work. Greg uses luminosity masking techniques extensively, and has created the Lumenzia extension panel to help simplify the process of creating subtle and natural masks to empower photographers to create amazing images with Photoshop.

Show Notes:

    • Intro Questions:

      • How did you get into photography?

        • Started as fun that rolled into something bigger. 

      • Are you a full time photographer, hobbyist or other?

        • Full time photographer with a full-time job…marketing in medical devices

      • What type of subjects do you like to shoot?

        • Passion is landscapes and city scapes. 

      • Love your gear page on your site.  Do you use the D810 for sports as well as landscapes?

      • ND filters, I think a lot of people don’t use them or even own them.  Tell us why and when we should use them?

        • A ND Filter is like sunglasses for a camera lenses…reduces the amount of light for a longer exposure. 

        • Two reasons to use for Greg:

          • Ability to take a 5-10 minute exposure

          • Lens maximum sharpness is around f8…use ND filter to get to sweet spot of lens

        • Recommend 6 stop and 10 stop…stacked together to 16 stops

      • You have traveled to over 70 countries which leads to a entire separate show, but what are your favorite memories from these travels?  From a photographer’s point of view.

        • Job allows for lots of travelling and I try to add on days to a weekend.  Don’t have kids so girlfriend and I tend to travel whenever possible

        • Enjoy going to a location and staying away from tourist locations. 

        • Favorite trips (none related for work)

          • Iceland (Raw beauty)

          • Burma (untouched—nobody there),

          • Cuba (most friendly people for street photographer

    • Interview & Demo:

      • What is Lumenzia and why did you create it?

        • Learned Javascript and other software to develop software

        • Ability to analyse a photo

        • Goal is to help other photographers – Cost of $40

    • Wrap Up:

      • What’s next for Greg?

        • Ability to travel anywhere…Japan was most recent.  Going to Olympic Peninsula near Seattle, WA. 

Greg’s YouTube video – Luminosity Masking panel for Photoshop


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Greg Benz








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