#125 – Kevin Cook – Children Photography

Kevin Cook – Children Photography

Among other things, Kevin is amazingly talented at children photography, and is listed as one of the top 5 Children Photographers by Fstoppers Magazine.

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Kevin Cook

(Kevin’s website – go here for his write-up – some of it is below.)

[person name=”Kevin Cook” title=”Fayetteville N.C Photographer” picture=”http://www.jpeg2raw.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/10-6-2014-9-10-21-PM-199×300.png” pic_link=”” pic_style=”dropshadow” pic_style_color=”” pic_bordersize=”0″ pic_bordercolor=”” social_icon_boxed=”yes” social_icon_boxed_radius=”4px” social_icon_colors=”” social_icon_boxed_colors=”” social_icon_tooltip=”” email=”” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/kccphotography” twitter=”” dribbble=”” google=”https://plus.google.com/u/0/113045711784649953609/posts” linkedin=”” blogger=”” tumblr=”” reddit=”” yahoo=”” deviantart=”” vimeo=”” youtube=”https://www.youtube.com/user/keithvaluation” rss=”” pinterest=”http://www.pinterest.com/kccphotos/” digg=”” flickr=”” forrst=”” myspace=”” skype=”” paypal=”” dropbox=”” soundcloud=”” vk=”” class=” id=””]Photography became of passion of mine the moment I realized that I was documenting history! It became much more to me that taking photos.. It was like writing a book full of color, intrigue, and history! It didn’t need words or text! Photography is often looked at as “Taking Photos” but I refer to it as Art in motion![/person]


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Kevin Cook –  WebsiteFacebookInstagramFstoppers500pxTumblrEducation

  • How did you get into photography?

    • Started college for system engineering…computers mainly.  A friend purchased a digital camera around six years ago and asked Kevin to take photos and the photos of Starfish were posted on Facebook…the photos created plenty of comments.  While now the picture itself is not the best the style was good…this lead me to purchase a camera.  An opportunity came where I was asked if I knew a photographer and I mentioned myself…this actually lead to job involving ad shoots.  Getting down to the level of the starfish created the opportunities I have received.

  • Listener Question:  Gear used

  • How would you describe your photography and editing style?

    • Read twenty-five books on Photoshop and Lightroom and unknown hours learning on YouTube

    • After initially using Actions by other photographers I decided, based on a friends advice, to use without the Actions…this help me realize quicker ways to do the actions

  • Listener Question: Butterfly…composite or not

    • Composite…

  • Time spent shooting / editing

    • One hour to and hour fifteen minutes shooting…I like to setup the shot and get the correct shot.  Very conscious of what I am shooting…if I’m not using it I don’t take a photo.  Get the shoot correct at the time of the shoot…such as correcting hair out of place at location versus cloning out in Photoshop

  • Coordinating the shoot?

    • Coach the clients / models on your style

    • Get people involved by telling them to bring three outfits and then you can help them pick…they will likely only bring what they like anyway.  If you select one saying it will help with your ideas it gets them involved.

  • Listener Questions:  Focusing / Center / Evaluative / Manual Selection

    • I choose the selection point…I focus on the eye

  • Listener Questions:  Captain America, Motion Blur

    • Post Production, layer, mask and motion blur with a mask

  • Listener Questions:  Do you use Lightroom

    • Webinars are Photoshop and Lightroom.  There should be Lightroom Action sets released in the next several weeks.  Lightroom is very powerful. 

  • Listener Questions:  How many hours per week do you work…balance family / work.

    • Never really stop working…hours just add up.  Some people that work for me actually have taken the burden off of me…be it accounting etc.

    • Baby turned four months old today

  • Listener Questions:  Pricing

    • Need to determine where you want to be based on your worth…either the top elite or the bottom…many in the middle.  Need to select where you want to be.

    • Don’t worry about what others are paying…if you are doing amazing work you will have people paying.  Deal with your own market.

  • Do you use Photoshop actions for your editing?

    • Created own after utilizing Actions from others

  • Have you ever worked on an image for a long time, loved the results and then have the client either not like it or not even order it?

    • Don’t believe so…those type of sessions are prearranged and knew what to expect. 

  • Do most clients buy prints?

    • Still sell prints but there are digital packages…some people really just want to make “profile photos” or screen backgrounds

  • What’s with the “$” AFTER the number?

    • Not sure

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Images displayed during the show:

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You can also see and comment on these images over in our Forums – Episode #125 Album

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Kevin Cook



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