#114–Gene Bowker–Train Photography

Train Photography

Gene Bowker discusses a new topic for jpeg2RAW, Train Photography.  Gene not only shares his incredible images but also his vast knowledge of his subject, trains.

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Gene Bowker

(Gene’s website – go here for his write-up.

[person name=”Gene Bowker” picture=”http://www.jpeg2raw.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/gene.jpg” pic_link=”” title=”Rusted Rail Images” email=”” facebook=https://www.facebook.com/rustedrailimages twitter=”https://twitter.com/genebowker” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” linktarget=”_self”]I was born and raised in San Diego County, California. My father was ex-Navy and my parents settled there after he left the military. I lived in the same house in Poway, California for 16 years.
During school my “artistic” endeavors were limited to playing the saxophone in band. I began photography with a 110 Kodak that my parents gave me while I was in Middle School.
My love of trains began around age 5 when my parents took me on my first Amtrak trip. We went from San Diego to Los Angeles on the Surfliner. I grew up around the Santa Fe Railroad which is still one of my favorites.
After high school, I moved to Arkansas where I attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. While majoring in Political Science, I discovered the Ex-Frisco and Cotton Belt (Now BNSF and UP) tracks in town.
During my professional career in business management, I have lived in Missouri, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. I recently relocated to the Atlanta area from Aiken, South Carolina.”[/person]


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  • How long have you been into trains?

    • Started at age 5 or 6 on an Amtrak train with family…father was a closet railfan with a layout in the garage.  As I go older and had a camera I started taking photographs

  • What makes a good train photo that someone who is not a train enthusiast would like

    • Something historical or capturing the action.  Kind of compared to sports photography…capture at the correct moment.  They how you process afterwards..Black and White or selective color.

  • Why so much in B&W?

    • I have color deficiency and sometimes it is easier to show in B&W to cover what I maybe missing.

    • Brings out details that may be lost in color

    • Gives it a feeling of time

  • How about shooting a steam train on a cold day to enhance the steam?

    • Normally for me it is whenever I can catch one.  The winter does get some really good plume clouds.

  • Shooting from a higher vantage point

    • Look for overpasses or a bridge…I usually prefer a vantage where you can see the cars being pulled.  This gives a sense of what the train is all about and a sense of age.

  • Favorite editing techniques

    • Cropping to 1×3, helps to emphasize the length of the train

    • Nik Effects – Color effects

    • Analog Effects (replicates old camera types)

  • Heritage units – place to find trains especially if you are looking for a particular train.  You can have the site alert you when a train is in your area.

  • What is your view of Rail Pictures?

    • Kind of like Flickr for railfans

    • Need to submit photo and it is evaluate for acceptance

  • What’s your favorite lens for train photography?  Longer lens to avoid distortion?

    • 70-210 f2.8

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Images displayed during the show:

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Gene Bowker


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