#109 – Susan Eckert – Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

We interview boudoir photographer Susan Eckert and get her thoughts and approach to boudoir photography.

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Susan Eckert

(from Susan’s website – go here for her write-up.

[person name=”Susan Eckert” picture=Susan Eckert pic_link=”” title=”Susan Eckert” email=”” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/andybloxhamimagery” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” linktarget=”_self”]I’ve been specializing in women’s intimate photography since 2008. I was the first on Long Island to offer a fine art approach to boudoir – and showcase it as a respectable art form. Since then I’ve worked with so many amazing women – from 19 to 80-something! My clients have come from the greater NY metro area and as far away as Syracuse, North Carolina, and California. But no matter where my clients come from, I pamper each and every one, making sure it’s an experience she’ll never forget. And I always communicate just how honored I feel to work with her. I’m a down to earth, sometimes-goofy girl, but I’m dedicated to my art – Boudoir photography is my passion!”[/person]


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  • Tell us about your background, how did you get into photography and how did you get into boudoir photography?

    • Used to pain and previously and Organizational Psychologist.  After deciding Corporate America wasn’t for self I went back to Art.  Starting shooting “Art-nude” photography and kind of fell into Boudoir photography.  Started Boudoir photography in around 2007, well before it started off on the East Coast.

  • Location?  Your studio, hotel, clients place?

    • Shoot in my own studio after realizing I need space where I can create my own sets which change based on the client

    • Clients come from all over and some fly in for a photo shoot.

  • How do you get women to come in…reach out to broaden a market?

    • 40% of the women who reach out don’t think they would do Boudoir photography and call looking for the courage for a session.  The best bet is to get them to come in to see the studio. 

    • When friends come to the session they most likely will book a session for themselves.

  • Do the models come in shy?  How do you overcome?

    • Most women don’t know how to pose.  This is explained as normal and start off the session slowly and demonstrate the poses…arms, legs, hips, hands, shoulders etc. 

    • I will show pictures every ten minutes which:

      • gets them relaxed

      • They settle in and see where the shoot is going

      • I learn something about the model

  • How much time do you spend with the model?

    • Normal shoot is 2-3 hours of shooting time…use different sets and gives the client time to settle in

    • Only schedule one shoot per day to avoid rushing

  • How do your clients use the images?  Three types of clients:

    • Bride…getting married and a gift for fiancé

    • Women doing it for themselves…for whatever reason

    • Moms – looking to reignite the fires

  • Lighting – Natural / Studio?

    • Front room of studio has a window but preference is to control lighting.  Majority of the time is working with strobes.

  • How do you handle a fuller figured model?

    • I never assume they are not comfortable in their bodies.  Asking open ended questions I am able to determine what type of client I have.

  • Any editing out of personal marks?

    • Discussion with the client as to what they want to keep.

    • Will smooth out lines to ensure it looks original

  • How do you accentuate the curves?

    • It is work to get the shapes…need to contort and twist the models body.  I will guide a model to pop a hip which creates a beautiful line. 

  • Do they let you use them to promote your work?

    • Ask if you could show the photos “In-Person” versus online

    • Create privacy crops…cut below the nose or chin

  • Spokesmodel program?

    • Current issue of Shutter Magazine…talks about issues in Boudoir photography.  Idea, hire a spokesmodel that will work over a year without pay and give them an album at the end of the year.

  • How many sessions in a year if only one per day?

    • Limited this year but give a complete experience

  • Do men get this as a gift for significant other?

    • Yes, men purchase as gifts. 

  • Does the client pick the clothes or do you?  Is this discussed before the shoot

    • All discussed prior to the shoot

    • This is setup before the shoot

  • What about couples boudoir photography

    • Only recently getting more inquiries into couples shoots of all age ranges.

    • Great way to show how intimate couples are together

    • Generally easier to shot the women as men aren’t as comfortable in front of the camera…this is a generalization. 

  • What is your favorite Camera / Lens  combination?

    • Camera: Nikon D800

    • Lens: 85 f/1.4

  • Future for Susan

    • Write a book

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Images displayed during the show:

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Susan Eckert


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