#95 – Cosmin Danilia – Indian, Punjabi, Weddings

Cosmin Danilia – Wedding Photographer – Indian, Punjabi, Weddings

Cosmin Danilia, wedding photographer of Indian, Punjabi and many other diverse weddings, some lasting days rather than hours.

Cosmin Danilia

(partially taken from Cosmin’s website – go here for his write-up)

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When Cosmin goes to shot a wedding, it often not just a long day at work, but 3-6 days, with thousands of images that will later need to be culled and processed.

Cosmin has made a long journey to get where he is now.  Being born in Romanian, then to working on cruise ships in the Caribbean to now living in Canada, Cosmin has worked hard to develop his skills.  He is also a funny guy as you will find when you read his FAQ section on his blog.






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  • Tell us about yourself and how you got into photography?

    • Started in photography when I was 24 years old while working on a cruise ship, Carnival Cruise Line.  Had the ability to see exiting new places.  Using photography I was able to send back pictures of where I was.  Read a lot of photography books to educate myself.  Moved to Canada in 2007 and worked for Sears Portrait Studios for several months until I broke out on my own as a photographer.

  • Do you specialize in any specific type of wedding?

    • East Indian.  Enjoy the colors, dances and the food. 

  • How were you able to raise your prices?

    • Started at $600 for a wedding and it took awhile to raise the prices.  I focus on East Indian weddings which are different from other weddings.  Striking difference is the days…3-6 days for a wedding.  Each day has different activities.  Now I charge by the hour (3-4 hours per day) whereas I charged one price at the beginning ($2,000) for an entire wedding.

  • How many images captured over the 24 hours over several days

    • Approximately 8,000 images with 25-30% making the cut.

  • Editing, what is your process?  Lightroom, Photoshop?

    • Started with Windows Explorer, Photo Viewer, on Mac

    • Lightroom to edit photos

    • Processing to delivery is approximately a week to a week and a half

  • How does weather impact business?

    • Completely impacted, everything is frozen.  All outdoor activities end for 6-7 months.  Just completed last wedding for the season in Edmonton…will still have some but most are over. 

  • With the weather changes do you travel to other locations?

    • Yes, next week Mexico, then Las Vegas. 

  • Equipment used

    • Canon with a 24-70 lens and 135 f2.0

  • Out of all the wedding you shot does any stand out?

    • My first Indian wedding…so different and emotional. 

  • How did you prepare for your first East Indian wedding?

    • Prior to the wedding I went to a wedding at the same location to get insight into the wedding to learn the important parts of the wedding

  • What is the significance of the hand painting? Looks involved, how long does it take?

    • Bride will have a  more detailed painting then other women in the wedding party.  The ink is a natural mix and applies to the skin which stays for several days.  The feet painting usually dissipates after one day.

  • How many weddings do you do a year?

    • Approximately 25 wedding per year with most being multiple day weddings.

  • Do you build a relationship with the bride / groom?

    • Yes, however, I am not very sociable and don’t talk a lot.  Mainly this is because my style to to capture the moment and not pose the couple.

  • Do you have a second shooter?

    • Usually just me but at the actual wedding event there is a second shooter.

  • What is the significance of the sword?

    • Only for specific groom based on the religion, Sikhs.  There are five “K’s” associate with a wedding:

      • kesh- uncut hair

      • karha- silver bracelet 

      • kirpan-sword

      • kanga-comb

      • kachera-the shorts

Images displayed during the podcast:

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Cosmin Danilia


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