#92 – Trevor Dayley – Wedding Photography

Trevor Dayley – Wedding Photography


Trevor Dayley is a wedding photography, writer for Fstoppers and a father of 5.  Were does he find time for it all?

Trevor Dayley

(partially taken from Trevor’s website – go here for her write-up)

18357_1267179034157_6398349_nTrevor is a wedding photographer living in Arizona with his wife and 5 children (two of which popped in and chatted with Tim and I before the show started when Trevor stepped away for a minute).

Trevor loves to tech and share his knowledge about photography and help build the photo community.  He is a writer for Fstoppers, where he tries and write 2 articles a week.  Check it out, he has tons of articles there.  He also holds his own workshops and holds them all over the globe (watch for one in your area).

He is a music junkie, loves Monster Absolutely Zero and will jump in the pool at a wedding if you don’t keep an eye on him.  But nothing I write here is going to describe him better than his own video, so here it is:


Trevor Dayley Photography {promo} from Kale Fitch on Vimeo.


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  • Live in Arizona and we have a great community of photographers that get together and share ideas…this is very important.  Was a holdout several years ago believing there wasn’t enough business and after reading a book which talked about “Scarcity Complex” and I realized that I needed to change my view.  This resulted in better relationships with other photographers which enabled more contacts and additional business,

  • How did you get into wedding photography? 

    • My Mom loved photography and this led to me getting into photography.  Ended up with an aware in the 8th grade.  After going to college I went into finance for 8 years and realized I missed photography.  After shooting a wedding in October 2009 I realized what I really wanted to do.

  • How many weddings per year…last year 40 weddings booked and this year 31.  The projected number of weddings is 30 per year

  • Were you nervous at the first wedding?

    • At the beginning but I realized the butterflies in the stomach was God saying that I was doing something important.  Ensure you have everything that you can control…such as a backup camera.

  • Have you ever NOT been on your game?

    • Have been pretty lucky and never been sick.  I have felt that I’m not in my game but that is more of a mental state.  I believe it is more that I am very critical of my work.

  • Listener Question: Did you started as a backup shooter?

    • No, started out in control of the shooting, however, I do recommend learning as a second shooter because you can learn a quite a bit.

  • Listener Question: What are the biggest challenges while shooting a wedding?

    • If the bride isn’t ready for the shot it is difficult getting them to work with me and I don’t want to change the brides day.

  • Listener Question: Any issues with family members shooting behind you?

    • To me this is a great opportunity to market for future business.  Look at this as a possibility referral business.

  • Listener Question: Do you have “go to” posses?

    • I look for the more natural look with just some prompts…such as getting a couple to interact.  I usually will bring a speaker “JBL Charge” to break up the silence.

  • Listener Question: Does your business come from word of mouth?

    • I don’t pay any Marketing dollars…all business comes as word of mouth referral. 

  • Listener Question: Ferris Wheel Shot

    • Shot in the dark…saw the Ferris Wheel and asked the couple if we could attempt to get a shot.  Had the couple take a speed light with them and needed to add a little light on the couple in post processing. 

  • Listener Question: Lighting at a wedding

    • Speedlite 600 and utilize three flashes that work in concert together as my off-shoe system.  I like to put the flash into a softbox and since it is triggered by Radio Frequency the flashes do not need to see each other.

  • Listener Question: Editing process?

    • three programs

      • Photo Mechanic; ingest all pictures into the computer…I can bring in three cards in at a time.

      • Adobe Lightroom, magic for fixing and organizing.  90% of workflow is through Lightroom. 

      • Adobe Photoshop, Batch process for an Action to add a little tone / color shift and applies a touch of skin smoothing through Portraiture

  • Listener Question: Turn around time for a wedding shoot

    • Two – three days but not shown until around 10 days out.  They are held because of a perception…some people will believe that you didn’t spend enough time on the images and they are looking for errors

  • Listener Question: Cleaning equipment

    • Pretty good at taking care of gear but do use a Rocket to clean the sensor.  As a member of Canon Professional Services I get several cleanings per year and only pay for shipping. 

  • Listener Question: My wife went to your Workshop…when are some available

    • There are a couple of Workshops coming up, however, these are with other photographers.  Planning on one in November in Arizona and one in New York in December.

  • Work/life balance with 5 kids and a spouse.

    • Girls 12 – 9 – 7 and two boys 5 and 2

  • Balancing life as a photographer:

    • Give yourself goals and set a schedule. 

    • Don’t be afraid to take weekdays off.

    • Don’t usually work on Sunday’s as this is set for the family

  • Fstoppers

    • Photographers shooting other photographers.  Ability to see how others work to learn. 

Goal of two articles a week..current article Lightroom 5.2 available

Images displayed during the podcast:

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Trevor Dayley


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