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“BUILDING YOUR BRAND” – Michelle Moore & Clickin Moms



jpeg2RAW was given the honor of reviewing Michelle Moore’s & CMpro’s breakout session “Building Your Brand”.  Michelle Moore was nominated for the 2012 Best Emerging Photographer by Framed Awards, her Posing & Moore Guide has been a huge hit with sales all over the world and she was a guest on jpeg2RAW.


Yep, that’s right, we are going to get straight to the point.  Does jpeg2RAW think this breakout session or workshop is worth the $50 price tag?  The answer is simple, YES!

That’s a YES without any qualifications.  While I shoot mainly landscape images and sports, there is plenty value in Michelle’s workshop that for the $50 price tag, I see it as a bargain.  If your photography is more people centered (ie, Seniors & models, or engagements and weddings), then this is a must have course.  Think about all the money you spend on gear.  None of that makes YOU a better photographer.  What makes you grow as a photographer is experience through practice and learning.  This workshop helps you with that second part and for an amazing low price of only $50!

THE WORKSHOP:13June_BuildingYourBrand

OK, so now that we know the workshop is worth the price of admission, what do you get for the $50 and your time?

  • 4 Video’s with almost 80 minutes of run time, covering
    • Senior portrait sessions
    • Working with Models
    • Working with stylist and others.  She also addresses the issue of paying your assistance during this video
    • Michelle’s approach to culling images after a shot
  • 3 PDF files with over 70 pages of details, including;
    • Building your brand
    • How to get that first client
    • Logo design
    • Social Media
    • Your Website & Online Portfolio
    • Detailed workbook on Creating Your Portfolio
    • Photo shoot checklist
    • Sample Casting Calls you could use
    • Sample Call Sheet
    • and much more
  • A Q&A video with Michelle will be made available on June 24th to those that have registered for the workshop.

But that’s not all.  While the course only cost $50, with that you get a $100 credit toward the purchase of Michelle’s POSING & MOORE GUIDE.  If you don’t already own this guide, follow the link and see for yourself.  Read the details provided on the page and then see the reviews near the bottom.  If you are into photographing people in any way, I think you will find this guide a huge value, even at the full price of $149.  However, with the purchase of the course, you get the guide for only $49.  If you where on the fence before now, that last piece should be enough to make almost anyone come to the same conclusion as jpeg2RAW, this workshop is an incredible value that should not be passed up.


I have already mentioned I think this is a great value above, but here are some other thoughts:

  • While I have my culling process down pretty good, I love seeing how other people do it, especially someone as successful as Michelle where time is money.  Michelle gives some good insight in this video and I highly suggest you pay close attention to what she says because there are some golden lessons hidden in this video that you really need to consider if you want to become a successful people photographer.
  • You have access to a private forum where Michelle will answer your question up to June 19th, so ACT FAST!
  • With jpeg2RAW, I have interviewed a lot of great photographers.  So when I listen to videos or read documents from photographers, I look for something that makes me think.  I found myself taking notes throughout the videos, at times hitting pause so I could complete my thoughts from what I just heard.
  • If you listen to the podcast, the one thing I repeat over and over again, other than the need to backup your data, is that being a professional photographer is more about the business and less about the photography.  So I love when Michelle said:

    From the beginning, your business should have the goal to sustain profitability”.

  • Another thing I have mentioned over and over again on the podcast, is don’t have “mommy” or “daddy” goggles on when looking at your images.  This is not limited to photos of your kids, but a general statement about getting to emotionally connected to an image rather than looking at it very it’s true quality.  Michelle talks about this during her culling video and two quotes jumped out at me:

    I don’t care how much you love a photo, if it’s not in focus, don’t put it in your gallery or on your website”.

“Think like the client, will I order this?”


You need to hurry, because the workshop is only open until June 26th!  Registration is broken down into two groups:

  1. Clickin Mom members
  2. Clickin Mom non-members

Non-members can sign up to become members or just sign up for Michelle’s course.  With the vast amount of resources offered by Clickin Mom’s, give them a close look.  I think you will find a great deal of value in their memberships and their magazine – Click.


Michelle Moore

Clickin Moms

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