#86 – Don Komarechka – Macro Photography

Don Komarechka – Macro Photography

Don Komarechka is an award winning nature and landscape photographer specializing in macro photography.  Don is well know for amazing snowflake extreme macro images that have to be seen to believe.


Don Komarechka

(partially taken from Don’s website – go here for his write-up)

6-12-2013 10-15-01 PMDon is an award winning nature and landscape photographer specializing in macro photography.

His photos “convey a sense of peaceful wonder, creating curiosity and intrigue in the viewer”.

Don’s interest in photography just started a few years ago, yet he has already become a master in macro photography as you will see during this podcast.  He often speaks at local photography clubs about his art and feels that “photography is about sharing your unique view of the world with others – without using words…”






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How did you get into Macro Photography?

First lens…Canon 100mm Macro.  Took many photos of ants, spiders and butterflies.  Wasn’t interested in photography while younger. Once I purchased a dSLR I realized that I was able to take many photos.  Current favorite lens is a Canon 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro with a Ringflash


  • Why don’t they melt?  It is freezing outside when taking photos

  • Why is background black?  The snowflakes land on a black mitten.  Used because

    • Contrast to the snowflake

    • Fibers of the mitten raise the snowflake to give detail

    • Fibers will only hit the snowflake in two or three places which prevents the snowflake from melting

  • Focus – Doing Macro photography has a very limited depth of field…some of the photos require 200+ photos and then 40+ are merged into Photoshop.   

Water Droplets

  • Fragile Planet – Water droplet on a red base with an image of the globe behind it…there is an image from NASA of the globe that is held upside down.

  • Maple Leaf Flag Refraction – Water droplets with Canadian Flag – photographed a very dense Spider Web that was sprayed with a little water.

Currently doing Workshops on Macro Photography

Images displayed during the podcast:

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jpeg2RAW – Photo Contest – “Pets / Animals”


Winner – Doug Curran

Image Name – “Harley”

Sara Gini
Finalist – Sarah Fierce
Image Name – “Gus”
Finalist – Gini Kessler
Image Name – “YODA”


Don Komarechka


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