Show #78 – Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs.

Greg Rostami with Topaz Labs demos various photo editing programs the company has to offer.  Greg was fantastic and the software was amazing.  The only question I have is what all am I going to buy?


Topaz Labs Mini Bio  – from their website

Topaz Labs is a privately owned company in Dallas, TX, that specializes in distilling the most advanced developments in imaging technology into useful software products for photographers and videographers.

Founded in 2005, Topaz labs is a privately owned company consisting of a dynamic team of developers, managers and specialists. Each member of the Topaz team is armed with a unique skill set which allows them to make key contributions to the company. The Topaz team is comprised of veteran software developers, imaging specialists, media specialists, professional photographers, photography connoisseurs and Photoshop experts.

Giving away to the live viewers the following:Topaz Labs

Giveaway Signup:

Main Topaz Plugin is 10 filters…we will review the majority

  • Photoshop

  • Lightroom

  • Aperture

  • Photoshop Elements

Today we are going to see a demonstration of the use of the products via Google+.  Greg initially showed a photo taken with a Casio camera in jpeg format…the photo was completely black and Greg showed the final result which showed the photo clean.

Products demonstrated:

  • DeNoise – pulled noise from a photo

  • Adjust – easily correct and balance image exposure and color.

  • InFocus – a license plate that was out of focus was brought into focus

  • Detail – demonstrated a boiling pot of water with eggs and the plugin enhanced the photo

  • Clean – used to smooth skin on a person

  • Simplify – enhances a photo to make it look like a painting…give an infinite amount of artistic creativity

  • ReMask – in a matter of seconds a section of a photo (dog) was pulled from a photo

  • DeJPEG – increase JPEG image quality while retaining detail

  • B&W Effects – create rich and dynamic images full of compelling tone and detail

Discounts – 15% on all productions – ttp://

Educational –

Policy for Educational –


How long is business? Started approximately seven years ago with video products and transitioned into the photography market around four years ago?

Upgrades? Current policy is that there is no charge for an upgrade?  Updates occur approximately every three weeks.  Email notification on upgrades.

Will this work with RAW? If you use products such as Lightroom the original photo is always kept without changes.  Topaz software works at 16 bits per channel resulting in high quality results.

Does purchase price work on all versions? One purchase will work across all programs supported. 


Winners of the Topaz Labs Giveaway
Giveaway #1 – Tim Foster wins

Giveaway #2 – Bobby T. wins Adjust

Giveaway #3 – Scott Greene wins B&W Effects

Bundle Giveaway #4 – Terry Chapman


Topaz Labs


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