Show #76 – Michael Bollino – Landscape Photography

Host Mike Howard & Tim Kemperle are joined by landscape photographer Michael Bollino.  Michael shares his amazing landscape photography from his has taken through his various travels.

Michael Bollino Mini Bio

Michael’s life long drive to explore the larger world through travel and adventure drives his photography.  For over 15 years he has explored the Pacific Northwest and made pilgrimages to the North Cascades and more.  His journeys has taken him to the Himalayas 3 different times and made a year long journey through South America.

His photographic approach has always focused on translating the emotional experience of being alive and engaged in the larger world.


Michael Bollino – Website / Flickr / 500px / Google+ / Smugmug / Facebook

Started photography back in college…buddy was in mountain climbing and backpacking and we became friends and ultimately we took trips together.  Developed a passion for the outdoors and I purchased a camera.  The photos started to become a big part of the travelling…ultimately moved to Oregon.  Over time I realized I wanted to take better photographs and purchased a film SLR (Nikon N8008 and kit lenses) before a trip to Nepal to the Himalayas.  Purchased a book that shows photos on one side and a description on the other side describing how the photograph was achieved.  Purchased first dSLR (Nikon d350 and ultimately a Nikon D800).  


  • What locations have you traveled to for your landscape photos?
    • Nepal
    • Glacier National Park
    • Oregon;s Alvord Desert
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Central Tibet
    • Southwestern Bolivia
  • Do you bring your spouse and/or do others travel with you
    • Most trips are taken by myself because I am to get into the moment and take the time needed.  At times I take my son and wife. 
  • Many landscape photographers I talked to, including myself,really would rather take our photo trips alone, is that the same for you?
    • Yes, enables me to focus on the shots I want without pressure from others
  • How do you scout out a location?
    • Preparing to go to Valley State Park, Nevada.  Have friends through social networks which has enabled me to have others scout out the conditions prior to going to a location
    • Try to balance the family portion of the trips with the photography.
    • Try to get to a location early to get an idea of what I can photograph
    • Having a full-time job forces me to focus on weekend photography
  • Do you like early morning light or late afternoon, or both?  What do you do during the main part of the day?
    • Morning is the preferred light for me
  • Do you carry a tripod while hiking up the mountains?
    • 99% are used with a tripod
  • HDR?
    • No HDR via software, I do multiple exposures and manually blend the photos.  An example is Dayburst which the camera would not have the dynamic range to cover the bright sun to the mountains in the middle of the photograph.
  • Any filters? CP, ND, GND?
    • Utilize a polarizer filter which reduces exposure by 2 stops.  In the shot Going, Going, Gone the sun was already behind the mountain and I only needed an exposure of 1 second.
  • What’s next?

Photo Review:
End of Days, southeast Oregon’s Alvord Desert – Post processing added blue, dried up lakebed with a piece of wood.  This was a composite shot with the foreground taken around 45 minutes after sunset and the second shot was taken 1-2 hours later.  The stars are taken less than 30 seconds at ISO 3200, f/4

Images from the show:

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Michael Bollino


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