Show #75 – Jeff Wickliffe – Light Painting

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Ces White are joined by Jeff Wickliffe for a discussion about his Light Painting images.


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Jeff Wickliffe Mini Bio

Jeff is a mostly self taught photographer and Photoshop professional.  He shoots mainly alternative fashion and glamour, but loves to experiment with any style that catches his eye and doesn’t like to be categorized.


Light Painting

  • First shotCircular Fire Railroad tracks with sparks at 11:30PM.  Jeff uses steel wool for his light painting in this shot
    • pull it apart to allow air in and stuff in a kitchen whisk with a lot of air. 
    • Run a 9V battery onto the steel wool and it will light and create a shower of sparks.
    • WARNING / CAUTION: BE PREPARED FOR POTENTIAL FIRE (Gloves / Hat / Fire Extinguisher / look at the area you are working in)
    • Exposure Information: 25-30 Seconds, f/8, ISO 200, 18-70 wide open
  • Hells Gate – Inside a tunnel in water with a shorter rope. 
  • Visitors – Long exposure with a light bar, stepped back while drawing an infinity symbol


There is an excellent article published by Debs Slater and is from Richard Steinberger that can be found here.  You can also see the video that goes along with the article here:

Images from the show:

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Photographer – Gina Parry

Title – “A Mother’s Love




Photographer – Lisa Prystash

Title – “Adoration





Photographer – Heather Chesky

Title – “Laughter



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Jeff Wickliffe


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