Show #73 – Nicole Young (aka Nicolesy) – Food Photography

Host Mike Howard and Tim Kemperle interview photographer Nicole Young about Food Photography.

Nicole Young Mini Bio

Nicole is an author of several books including “Food Photography – From Snap Shots to Great Shots” and one of her newest “Plug in with onOne Software”.  Nicole is also an accredited Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Photoshop and is a Help Desk Specialist with the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Nicole is a full time photographer who specializes in food photography and lot of her work can be found in her iStock portfolio.

Nicole Young Interview


  • Tell me about “rouge signing” of your books
    • Will look through the photography section of bookstores and if Nicole finds one of her books she will open the book and sign it.
  • Food photography
    • Love to cook / eat and wanted to add photos to iStock
    • People sent in recipes and I kept learning and taking photos which ultimately lead to writing a book about food photography
  • Food Prep.
    • Do you cook the meal the same for a photo shoot as you would to eat it?
      • Depends on what is being made…I have photographed a steak meal that was my dinner
    • How much time do you have to photograph the food before it starts to not look appetizing
      • Most photos are completed within 10-15 minutes
    • Do you replace parts of the dish during the shoot
      • Meat will run out of useful span quickly
      • Take enough images to get around five photos “keepers”
      • Mint or basil leaves will wilt quickly
    • Meats will release fluid in a brief amount of time, how do you control this
      • Quickly take the photos…usually done within 10-15 minutes
    • Steam –  Real or Photoshop (reviewed shot of shrimp on fork)
      • True to the shot but not from the food that was made
      • Utilized a clothes steamer to allow steam to come up and Photoshop was used to remove the steam from below
  • How much thought goes into the serving dish
    • Color of the dish – Any favorites – Any dislikes
      • Depends on the which shoot is being completed.  A shoot may revolve around one item on the dish and I will build on the scene
      • Usually will Utilize simple white dishes
    • Clear dishes?
      • Not usually, felt they didn’t work
      • Background items may have clear glasses with fake ice
  • Camera setup
    • Lighting
      • Direct light isn’t idea unless diffused
      • Prefer to have light behind the subject (window light or flash in diffuser box)
      • White foam board to reflect light back
    • ISO used
      • Strive to use ISO 100
    • f/stop – how much or how little DOF are you wanting
      • Don’t want to be too shallow, most of the food is in focus with the background blurred
      • With the 100mm I am usually at f5.6
    • How tight do you want to shoot?
      • Usually 70-200 zoomed in to 200mm
      • Style is tight and compressed
    • Macro lens?
      • 100 Macro
    • White balance, how are you setting this
      • Auto White Balance and shoot in RAW
    • Tripod?
      • Tripod because of the lighting, usually around 1/2 second exposure
      • Very deliberate in what is in the shot…move ever so slightly to ensure items are placed exactly as I want
  • Shooting Position
    • What is included in the frame
      • A very small portion of the table is photographed
    • When do you shoot overhead vs at plate level?
      • Depends on the food being shot, most is at a 45 degree angle to the table…not level or there will be items in the background that I don’t want in the photograph
      • Sometimes, such as peanut butter and jelly sandwich lend the photograph from top down
  • Food
    • What food do you find the most challenging to photography?
      • Tried grilled cheese sandwich and you won’t find any in my portfolio
    • What is your favorite food to shoot
      • Pasta – texture
      • Shrimp – very colorful and complement other colors
  • Tips & Tricks
    • Any tips for making the food look fresh
    • Adding oil
      • If food had oil in the shot I would likely help it along with a little extra
    • Adding Water
      • Strawberries / Blueberries…usually you wash the food prior to eating so a little water added is appropriate
  • Props?
    • Blueberry shot: 
      • glasses in the corners
      • spoon not really touching anything
      • napkin in the top right
      • blueberries sprinkled around
    • How much before it becomes a distraction?
      • Sometimes, I will review the shot and remove items
      • Will photograph different variations to give options for Stock photography

Listener Questions

  • Sugar rim on glasses?
    • Salt on the rim, doesn’t dissolve, take a lemon and and swipe around the rim and place into a bowl
  • Face Ice?
    • Amazon, good size bag for $10-$20
  • Workshops / Tutorials?
    • Nothing setup and no plans at the current time
    • Tutorials with tips on website

Images from the show –

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Nicole Young


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