Show #72 – Matt Suess – Fine Art

Host Mike Howard and Tim Kemperle interview photographer Matt Suess.

Matt Suess Mini Bio

Matt’s professional photography career began in 1990. He was a photojournalist for 17 years working for newspapers and magazines in New England. In 2006 he moved to Arizona, leaving his photojournalism career behind to focus on fine art photography full-time.

Matt Suess Interview

Matt Suess – Scottsdale, Az – started photography at 12 years old.  Learned how to take photos, develop and make prints.  In 1990 freelanced for newspapers and 17 years later morphed into a fine art photographer.  Now I am able to go out and photography things I like versus going out on assignment and t

Is it challenging to be freelance knowing that you don’t have a steady check coming in?
Comes down to Marketing.  Exhibits in Arizona for 20-30 shows as well as New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma for shows throughout the year.  Exhibition Schedule.

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HDR Photos – General Rule, manmade subjects lend themselves to HDR versus landscapes which look better natural.  HDR Effex Pro 2 software is used , like the localized adjustments, very used to using the Nik software and stepped right into workflow with ease. 

Photojournalist – 17 years, great career being able to photograph everything.  Learned different techniques to comeback with the best shot possible based on the conditions. Must be able to comeback with a photo that is good enough for the next day’s paper. 


  • Is the HDR effect all the software or does he also do the different exposures and combine?
    • Used all techniques, years ago taking photos and blending in Photoshop, depends on lighting situation
  • How many shots does he typically blend for HDR?
    • Three to eleven photos, depends on the light intensity.  Pay attention to the Histogram…
  • Was he spraying clear coat on the canvas?
    • Clear water based UV Varnish, need to perform this step with Breathing Color
  • What Printer are you using?
    • Epson, 9880 – Fine Art Printer. 
  • Favorite place to photograph? 
    • Anywhere there is great light. 
  • Photographed just in USA?
    • Mainly US, in 2001 did a wedding in the Grenadines – document the couples wedding.  Want to go to Alaska and Australia.
  • Black and White photography?
    • Roots are in B&S from the Darkroom but really see in color.  A lot of times now the B&W photos are mistakes in the color photograph that may be overpowering and look better in B&S.

Images from the show –

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January Photo Challenge – jpeg2RAW Facebook Group

This month we had TWO topics – “Minimalism” and “World in Motion”

For the “Minimalism” topic, the three finalist are:

Minimalism - 1

ByGini Kessler

Title  –

Website - 

Minimalism - 3

BySara Fierce Title –

Website –

Minimalism - 2

ByScott Greene Title –

Website –


For the “World in Motion” topic, the three finalist are:

World in Motion - 1

ByTamara Lara

Title – “Time”



World in Motion - 2

ByDanielle Foster

Title –

Website –

World in Motion - 3

ByHeather Chesky

Title – “Love”


World in Motion - 4

ByKatja Wright

Title – “World in Motion”





And the winner of the January 2013 Photo Challenge is:


Katja Wright with “World in Motion”

World in Motion - 4

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Matt Suess


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