Show #67–Kat Braman

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie interview photographer Kat Braman about her style of shooting weddings with film cameras and weddings of various religions.

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Kat Braman:

    Started in photography after a trip to Alaska and wanted to take photos…started with a Canon Rebel.  Then my some was born and I spent the first 3 years taking

    After friends and family saw my pictures I was hired for family / kid photos and then inquiries for wedding photos…shot first two weddings in 2009, fourteen in 2010, thirty in 2011 and settled into around twenty-five per year which is my comfort zone.

    In 2011 took a seminar in film photography…gelling that I wasn’t a real photographer unless I could master film.  Purchased a
    Hasselblad 500CM and now shoot mainly in film.  Completely manual camera…no batteries, no meter or anything…a complete manual camera.  Film is developed by Richard Photo Lab in Los Angeles, CA

    Preparing for a photo shoot…check to ensure I have all my gear.  Nothing too intricate.  Consider myself to be a combination of a methodical / spontaneous photographer…depending on what I am am shooting.

    Drive by…creativity versus the money.  Film adds way more to the cost of photography so I must be not be doing it for the money 🙂

    • Shooting a wedding…approximately $1.50 per frame
    • Shoot approximately 35-40 rolls of film (1,500 shots)…combination of digital, 35mm and medium format.

    What is success to you?

    Getting clients that connect to my images and are ultimately willing to pay the price to purchase the photographs

    Any issues with the shape (square)  of the photographs from the clients?

    Not usually, some clients will crop my images…I do offer tips on printing and displaying the photographs

    What do you feel attracts clients?

    I’m not into formal pose photos…capture images that are more realistic to the event that occurred and they will look back twenty years later and remember the event versus just remembering the photograph.

    At a session are you take charge or laidback?

    Take charge…that is what people are looking for and that is why they hire a professional.  I will give them direction and constantly talk to them unless they are having a “moment”

    How much awesomeness do you deliver per wedding?

    As much as I can pack in

    Any favorite tools helping her to organize and balance work and family?

    Separate office space for business and try to ensure I don’t do any work while the kids are home from school because I’m usually gone on weekends.

    What are you most proud of?
    Being able to be a part of families through the photographs in the future.

Images we displayed during the podcast:

Created with flickr slideshow.

jpeg2RAW holds a monthly photo contest in our Facebook Group. For December, the topic was to submit your best/favorite image from 2012.  For this contest, with the help of a few friends, we had a lot of prizes to hand out.

Below, are our 3 finalist:

Photographer – Callie Riesling

Website Facebook Page

Photographer – Ces White
Website Facebook Page


Photographer – Marge Layton

“In the Lou”



Winner for the jpeg2RAW December Photo Contest is:  – Callie Riesling


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Kat Braman



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