Show #65–Sarah Wilkerson–Clickin Moms

Host Mike Howard, Kathleen Bowie and Tim Kemperle interview the CEO of Clickin Moms – Sarah Wilkerson.  Sarah is an accomplished photographer in her own right and a major force behind the wildly successful website Clickin Moms.


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Sarah Wilkerson:

  • Tell us about yourself and how you got into photography?
    • Husband was deployed in the military and I realized I needed to take photos of my son…also have a fascination with the arts
  • I noticed you shoot a lot of black & white, is that your favorite style?
    • Love the drama…old movies. The collision of shadow and light is exiting. Moving back toward color and retaining drama
    • All edits in Lightroom…using “Clickin Moms” Actions and Presets
  • Do you shoot for money or have you in the past?
    • Friends saw photos and told me to go into business but this wasn’t a good fit…list the joy of photography. Unable to take risks and needed to give a good product
    • Now I am able to shoot for myself…I can experiment and learn and not worry about someone else

Clickin Moms Questions:

  • What brings people to Clickin Moms
    • We started off as a Forum Group which ultimately developed into a community with a goal of education. Fosters photography and allow people to grow. The teaching helps reinforce others
    • Forums; $195 for a Lifetime Membership to the Forum
  • CMPro’s
    • CM pro is an organization of professional women photographers and highly skilled artists who are passionate about photography, who are dedicated to learning and sharing, and whose work demonstrates creativity, vision, and artistic and technical excellence.
    • To become a CMPro only takes a Portfolio review
  • Magazine – “Click
    • Print Magazine and available in Digital form
    • Just Launched this month
    • Big focus in 2013
  • In the future we are looking at an event of conference

Listener Questions

  • Will having a little girl change your shooting style? Currently have three boys.
    • Yes, it is like a new subject. I expect it to change my photography
  • What inspired Click?
    • Started a magazine in January 12011 but didn’t have the staff to complete. It was a huge task that couldn’t take off until this year after people in the industry said we needed to kick this off.
  • When will 301 “Story and Vision” be offered
    • Not currently under active development…probably 2014
  • Shooting from the shadows
    • Started as a breakout session that turned into a book
  • Any new artistic shifts?
    • Not much shooting this year both for time and emotionally. I am now trying to incorporate color photography into my work.
  • Flawless the Secrets of Skin
    • Getting the skin to be part of your vision…color, white balance etc.
    • Items most people have real issues
  • Equipment – Nikon – D3S

jpeg2RAW holds a monthly photo contest in our Facebook Group. For November, the topic was “Sports”. Below, are our 3 finalist:

Photographer – Kyle Yates
”Baseball Park”
Photographer – Paula Fankhauser
”In Her Sights”
Photographer – Mike Colletta


Winner of the monthly jpeg2RAW Photo contest in our Facebook Group – Paula Fankhauser


Photographer – Tamara Lara
”In Her Sights”

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Sarah Wilkerson



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