Show #62–Tamara Burross

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie interview photographer Tamara Burross (Fine Art  Photography) of From The Treetop.


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Tamara Burross – From The Treetop

  • Shooting professionally since 2005, started in photography 2002. 
  • Started with clothing design…very involved with style and setting…vintage photography. 
  • Over time people started asking more about the photos then the clothing and I was approached about becoming a photographer and I was started.
  • Conceptual art – Started as a children’s photographer and over time it evolved into a family session from requests, however, this wasn’t what I thought was what set me apart.  Stepped back and thought of my passion…what I could focus on that I am best at. 
  • Love using Lensbaby lenses…there is an art to using the lenses

  • Questions: 
    • How much money on props?  Not much…antique mall browsing. 
    • Pricing – Recently changed whole business model.  Previously 75% would buy the whole digital package.  Now it is a set package…you hire me and this is what you get. 
    • White Balance – I shoot RAW, previously tried to get it right at the time of the shot.  Now I edit in Lightroom to the White Balance I want. 

  • Equipment:
  • Lenses:
  • Editing – Photoshop, also selling Photoshop Actions
  • Do you repeat a lot of the same shots for different sessions? Rarely, not a replica of a prior session.  Each session is tailored to the customer…I would encourage the the client to move away from a prior session and elaborate on a prior session to what fits the client.

    jpeg2RAW holds a monthly photo contest in our Facebook Group.  For October, the topic was “Black & White”.  Below, are our 4 finalist:


    Floor Baby
    Photographer – Samantha Beauchamp
    ”Sweet Slumber”
    Photographer – Tamara Lara
    ”Haunted Gaze”
    Facebook Page
    Super Man
    Photographer – Dusty Hubel
    ”Super Cheez”
    Held Baby
    Photographer – Elizabeth Seidal
    ”Safe in Daddy’s Arms”

    Winner of the monthly jpeg2RAW Photo contest in our Facebook Group – Tamara Lara

    GirlPhotographer – Tamara Lara
    ”Haunted Gaze”

    Next photo contest is:  Sports

    Future show calendar for jpeg2RAW


    Tamara Burross


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