Show #59–Rachel Brenke

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and special co-host Ces White interview Rachel Brenke.

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New with Rachel

  • New baby, 5.5 months old (Kaleb)
  • Moved to El Paso, Tx…planning another move in 2013
  • Speaking engagements being booked for 2013
  • Several magazine articles completed
  • Workshops continue; six online

Marketing outside of Facebook

    • Too many people are putting all of their eggs in the “Facebook” basket, remember MySpace.  Ensure you are staying with other mediums such as Google +, Twitter, Newsletter, Website. 
    • Give support to other photographers on Facebook and ask for the same by commenting on their photos

Rachel is mainly a one-person show but has someone that can help proof-read and another person for graphic art when needed.  Rachel has been learning to not be such a “control freak” and to give work to others. 

Key Points for business

  • Identify items that are costing you time which is costing you money and determine if you could outsource the work.
  • Cold Calls – Ensure you know the subject you are calling…
  • Reassess business and pricing quarterly


  • Still using Photoshop with Bridge for culling the photos, purchased Lightroom but have not started.  Originally used Paint Shop Pro.
  • Identify good / bad photos – I start at the beginning and start editing pictures without culling the photos


  • Do you recommend trade shows / bridal shows?  Need to identify the return on investment.  Talk with other photographers and see how it has worked out for them.
  • The best tool you invested in?  Nikkor 85 / f 1.4 lens and now really love my 135 / f 2.0…great for singles and couples
  • Crop or Full Frame?  Full frame
  • Business, 3 kids and Law schoolTime Management?.  Find efficient ways without giving an “air” of not caring.  Learn to multitask and keep a diary of items that need to be completed in 3 – 6 – 9 months. 
  • Main subject…like shooting the most?  Really enjoying glamour sessions…no need to wait to get pregnant or Christmas. 
  • How often do you cook?  Half and half…like to go out and try different foods. 
  • What do you do with your kids?  Daycare? 3nd grade, preschool and the five month old.  Dedicate time to kids when they are awake.  I stay up late at night after others have gone to bed.  make office hours but be flexible…set the amount of hours not a set schedule.
  • How do you get vibrant photos without getting over saturated/  Custom White balance with an Expodisc.  Also Post Processing with levels…depending on the photo.
  • As a boudoir photographer how can I network within this group?  When shooting families there is a mom…this is already a client.  Do little subtle marketing to create opportunities. 
  • jpeg or RAW?  RAW more data to work with.  Don’t worry about the file size…get another drive and backup.
  • How do you get other vendors interested in you?  Go up to the person and network and get to know the person.  Make sure it is personalized and not a form letter. 


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Rachel Brenke


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