Show #55–Ali Elhajj–HDR Photography

Host Mike Howard and Kathleen Bowie spend some time with Ali Elhajj (Show #14) discussing HDR photography (Tim Kemperle had the night off).  Ali shared some of his photos and HDR technic for getting great HDR images.

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Ali uses Photomatix as his main HDR software.  However nearly every image needs additional processing in Photoshop or Lightroom.  Since Tim was not there to take the show notes, I am going to limit the notes this week to just include a few sample images from Ali.

While not an absolute requirement, HDR generally requires 3, 5, 7 or 9 images shot in bracket mode on your camera, each at a different exposure setting.  Below are some of Ali’s examples:

Ali_Elhajj_-24 Ali_Elhajj_-25
Ali_Elhajj_-26 Ali_Elhajj_-27

Here is part of the series of shots Ali took in order to create the HDR image below:



Next set is from multiple images, but only 3 are shown here to keep it simple:

Ali_Elhajj_-13 Ali_Elhajj_-14



Here are a few of Mike’s examples that Ali gave him feedback on how to improve:


HDR - Show #55 (1 of 7) HDR - Show #55 (2 of 7)
HDR - Show #55 (3 of 7) HDR - Show #55 (7 of 7)
HDR - Show #55 (5 of 7) HDR - Show #55 (6 of 7)
HDR - Show #55 (4 of 7)  

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Ali Elhajj


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