Show #52–Resolution

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Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie discuss resolution and how it impacts print sizes.  The host also discuss Mike’s decision to finally upgrade his aging Nikon D2x.

D800 Shooting modes – DX and FX Formats.  Also there are issues in regards to focusing with the lenses.  Camera’s being sent in for repairs are not always being properly repaired. 

Image Resolution and how it refers to photography

      • Describes the detail your image will hold…a high resolution number will have more detail that can be used
      • Defined in three ways
        • Width & Height
        • Total Number of Pixels
        • Pixels per inch

How large can I print and it will look go…as the size of the document goes up the pixels get spread further apart.  There are several items that determine if it looks good:

  • What are you printing on…home versus print house, type of paper
  • Subject matter – pictures of the sky has less detail versus a colorful bird
  • Taste – an image may look good to one person but not another
  • Length of view – holding in hand versus on a wall or billboard

Who should resize a photo?  Kathleen lets the print shop do the resize because they are the professional.  If there is any cropping involved it should be done first so that they are only working on the resize of the pixels.


  • When you export out of LR, what dpi should I use? 300?  Yes, that is what we use.
  • Can you do these things in Lightroom? Or Photoshop only? Yes, during the export process
  • How does everyone prep their images for FB?  Kathleen has an action in Lightroom that performs the steps.  In Lightroom you can use a Published Service…not sure if the dimensions are proper for Facebook.

Kathleen’s new camera – Canon 5D Mark3, the focus is significantly better that the Mark2.  There are 61 autofocus points.  

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