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Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie interview Jared Bauman, President of ShootDotEdit.  ShootDotEdit is a company used for outsourcing your edits specializing in Weddings, engagement sessions, boudoir and more.

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Jared Bauman, President and CoFounder of ShootDotEdit from Solana Beach, CA

What is ShootDotEdit? 

  • Started eleven years ago while in college and never anticipated it would grow into the business it is today. Having a business background has been an asset which helped me develop my passion into ShootDotEdit.  The business allows photographers to do what they love…take photographs.  Need to find a solution to editing photos because I had booked 42 weddings in one year…I couldn’t complete all the work and get the photos delivered late.  3
  • Needed a solution for photographers that would be edited to their liking in regards to:
    • Contrast
    • Brightness
    • Color Correction
    • Tint
    • everything that can be edited with a slider
  • Developed an algorithm which helps the photographer select the processing they like
  • DotPreview – 10 sample photos and forwarded back to allow the photographer to select the color temperature and adjustments that they expect.
  • Turn Around Time – 48 hours
  • Cost = $0.39 / image
  • Specialists process 300-600 per hour
  • Beta Services
    • Straightening
    • Crop
    • Noise Reduction
  • Work with 6,000 photographers in 43 countries
  • Preference – jpeg / RAW / DNG
    • Able to do more with RAW…still better than DNG
  • Culling images – $0.08 / image; three pass system – will cull down to a specific number based on the clients requirements…very subjective process
    • 1st – blanks / blurs / bad exposures – look for the story
    • 2nd – Selection based on similar lighting / circumstances
    • 3rd – Reflect on story / make sure all main elements are included
  • 25 City Tour – Pricing, Process and Profit Tour
    • 12 completed, California leg completed
    • Over the next three months
  • Editors – Trained
    • We train all the editors…the more seasoned the editor the more training required
  • Business Mind
    • Biggest mistake of photographers – Inaccurate pricing to clients
    • Pricing, a very personal decision – Need to know what the client wants and we need to reflect that in the pricing

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Jared Bauman





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