Show #49–Craig & Lindsey Mahaffey–Sposa Bella Photography

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Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle & Kathleen Bowie, plus special guest co-host Scott Greene interview Craig & Lindsey Mahaffey (husband & wife wedding photographers).

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Craig & Lindsey MahaffeySposa Bella Photography (Italian for Beautiful Bride), Facebook
In business for nine years photography anything people would pay for and four years ago we made the change to specialize in wedding photography.  The passion for weddings help drive us to the specialization because it was the part of the photography we love. 

  • Start to finish for a wedding – Setup business as a franchise (not that we are starting one), wanted to run efficiently with systems in place where an employee could set in an perform the tasks
  • Website – opening is a father of the bride (pastor) giving a toast to his daughter…added to the romantic style of the photography. 
  • Average 35 to 40 weddings per year along with another 15 to 20 by our assistant.  Looking to drop down to 25 weddings per year…no children yet to slow us down.  We do double up on a weekend and have had a Friday / Saturday / Sunday booking.  Customer service is of utmost importance.
  • Style – Timeless images without losing the emotion of the moment.  Both of us are stronger on the artistic component of the photography in comparison to the technical side.  We have asked Scott Greene for help on the technical side when needed.
  • We enjoy working together and always shoot weddings together.
  • How to value your work?  At the beginning of our business and most others we were way underpriced and we utilized PPA (Professional Photographers of America) helped to price our work appropriately.  We increase prices every six months and at the beginning of our business we raised substantially more than we are now.  It is difficult to make big jumps in price. 
    • Believe in yourself
    • Price correctly for your market
    • Work should reflect your prices
  • Average around 2,500 – 3,000 images per wedding and give approximately 600 – 800 to the client
  • Camera Gear
    • Nikon…started with Nikon film
    • Lens
      • Craig – 70-200 f2.8 shooting wide open
      • Lindsey – 85 f1.4


  • Was it hard to start working with someone else?  Our personalities are pretty laid back and we don’t overlap.  We each have our strengths…lighting or setup, etc.
  • Who does the money and other parts of the business?  We each take a separate portion of the business.
  • Which photographers do you follow?  Jeff and Julia Woods / Parker Pfister / Josh Jones and many more


  • At least one per year, this year there was a series of six (6PM to 9PM)
  • Topic – Business Side and Pricing (will be repeated next year)

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Craig & Lindsey Mahaffey


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