Show # 48–Stacie Jensen

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Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle (nice to have you back Tim, Kathleen had the night off) and special guest co-host Kaylley Williams are joined by Stacie Jensen from Rock My EditsStacie Jensen Photography.

Jim Collison – The Average Guy Podcast – The great DROBO giveaway

DROBO – backup storage solution…the giveaway DROBO will hold up to five drives and allow for one or two drive failure without any storage loss.

Check out this link for instructions to win  – How to Win

Giveaway on August 16th on the Average Guy Podcast

Giveaway tonight from Stacie…later in the podcast
Stacie Jensen Photography

Talk about getting new clients? Marketing is huge and word of mouth will excel your exposure.  Engage clients with Blog by posting their photo and allow comments.  This will push out links to their friends and enable additional client base.  Also, don’t always make posts about what you are selling…give tips which have them reading and possibly share links.

Setting up a blog? Start with a free blog such as WordPress or Blogger to have people start sharing your links and then move to your own site.  Give it time to flourish by sticking to one or two sites versus spreading your word over multiple sites.  Get a Facebook page and/or Google+ account.

How does blogging move you up on a search engine?  Blogging is always adding new words and terms which helps raise the value in a search engine.  The repetitive use of photography words will raise the value, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
What about being confident during your shoot?  Starts before meeting client…with communication.  Need to be proud of what you do…do not self criticize your own work.

Any free sessions while starting out?  Yes, annoy every friend and family member to gain knowledge

How long to edit?  A minute or under per photo…average around 40 minutes per session.  Need to learn how to optimize time to earn my money.  Get the right exposure and shoot in RAW.  I also apply the same Action to all photos in the session.

How to get clients to be natural?  If children involved I go straight to the kids and get involved with them to ease their fears.

Stacie is giving $150 gift certificate to her website
Winner number one is – clmoudy
Winner number two is –  Samanthabeauchamp



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