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Host Mike Howard (Tim Kemperle was out due to the death of his mother & Kathleen Bowie was on vacation) is joined by Michele Anderson from PinkleToes.  One of the first things we discuss is where she came up with that awesome name.  We had a great crowd for the live show, thanks for all the help with the questions.

Tim, your friends here at jpeg2RAW have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers while you deal with the loss of your mother.

With Tim out, the show notes are going to be a little more lacking as Tim does a great job of keeping up with the show notes during the live show.

So, I am going to do something a little different.  I am going to post PARTS of the Chat Room Log.  Michele answered most of these questions during the show, but you will need to listen/watch to get the answers.  Smile   Here you go:

8:44 PM  Laura Brett: Way to go Michele! <3   You look beautiful.
8:45 PM  SamanthaBeauchamp: Where is Kathleen? Did I miss something?
8:45 PM  Jackie_Kingsley: vacation
8:45 PM  ScottGreenePhotography: shes on vacation… like she needs another
8:46 PM  Lady G Photography UK: Beautiful work
8:47 PM  Lady G Photography UK: Do you ever cry at birthing sessions?
8:47 PM  Sarah R: I think photographers have a different connection to the images they take
8:47 PM  Pinkletoes: Yes, Sarah R!
8:48 PM  LisaManchesterPhotography: Which lenses do you use, and which one do you use the most?
8:48 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: Michele your my photography crush! I just started my business and am waiting anxiously for  your 2013 workshops!
8:50 PM  JanieJonesPhotography: her workshops are AWESOME!
8:51 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: @Janie did you attend one?
8:51 PM  Jackie_Kingsley: what do you shoot with michele?
8:52 PM  JanieJonesPhotography: yes and it was the best thing I did for my business!
8:52 PM  frecklefaceCarol: @natalia Janie and I both went to a workshop last year together. It was amazing. Life changing:)
8:53 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: now i really am dying to attend!!
8:53 PM  brandismith: totally agree with janie & carol!  her workshop was fabulous!
8:53 PM  JanieJonesPhotography: ahhhhhh CHicago just flashed!
8:53 PM  Courtney Bolle: I second the workshop comment 🙂  Michele knows how to put on a great workshop!
8:54 PM  BeccaWohl: Saving up for her workshop next year if she does one hopefully!
8:55 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: We will see each other there Becca!
8:56 PM  Days Go By Photography: How do you get families to look so natural and not so posed?
8:57 PM  Mean Baby: If you’re taking questions (I just got on), I would like to know what to do about clients who want to document a moment BUT don’t feel so comfortable taking candid photos. RE: Engagement session
8:57 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: yes workshops!
8:58 PM  Sara Sue: How do you do your workshops?
8:58 PM  frecklefaceCarol: It would be worth $5,000..
8:58 PM  BeccaWohl: 🙁 I would save and save for the $5000 workshop 😉
8:59 PM  Lady G Photography UK: Are you self taught?
8:59 PM  Lady G Photography UK: Canon or Nikon?
9:02 PM  phreckleface: LOVED staying in your home and MEMAW rocks!!!
9:02 PM  Sara Sue: ok – PRETTY PLEASE hold another worksop 🙂
9:03 PM  JanieJonesPhotography: that is because she ROCKS!
9:04 PM  KellyHosch: Yes please!
9:04 PM  BeccaWohl: Darn it. was on PT4P for a couple of years! Missed the opportunity! Bummer!
9:08 PM  Lady G Photography UK: Are you a self taught photographer?
9:08 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: I am having a hard time getting tack sharp. I shoot with prime lens. What would you recommend?
9:12 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: Michele, would you consider doing an online lightroom workshop?
9:13 PM  Sara Sue: Photography Concentrate is awesome
9:13 PM  juanissimo: yes please post lighroom goodies… i’ve been living in lightroom for the last 6 months 🙂
9:13 PM  Pinkletoes: – Photogrphy Concentrate
9:13 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: yes i love photgraphy concentrate!
9:18 PM  frecklefaceCarol: @Sarah Sue that is her studio:)
9:19 PM  Trevor: What glass do you use Michele, primes, zoom or both?
9:20 PM  KellyHosch: How do you do sales?   In person or online?
9:20 PM  agwphotography: I {heart} delivery room shoots!
9:20 PM  paige714: I was not allowed to have any photos or video taken during my c-section. 🙁
9:21 PM  agwphotography: =(.  As a photographer, I had to suit up and was allowed in with mommy & daddy
9:21 PM  JanieJonesPhotography: puppyrazzi!
9:22 PM  Sara Sue: You have the best eye for creative angles
9:23 PM  Lady G Photography UK: Do you ever cry at births?
9:23 PM  Sara Sue: @mean baby – I know! Michele does all the real stuff!
9:24 PM  LisaManchesterPhotography: Michele, what lenses do you use, and which one do you use the most?
9:25 PM  Trevor: What glass do you use primes, zoom or both?
9:25 PM  Lady G Photography UK: Are you completely self taught?
9:25 PM  KellyHosch: What is one thing you do to stand out to your clients over other photogs?
9:27 PM  missymarie: can you give some examples of what you say to families, kids etc., and your interaction with them to evoke emotion?
9:27 PM  Melissa Sanchez: what lens do you use at birth photography?
9:27 PM  Days Go By Photography: How do you get families to look natural and not so posed?
9:28 PM  Mean Baby: thanks so much for doing this! talking about all of this really helps 🙂
9:29 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: is it possible to do birth without flash?
9:29 PM  JenniferPacheco: Who are the Pro’s you look up to and follow that inspire you?
9:29 PM  Mean Baby: how do you handle photo storage? do you keep copies of every session on a different drive? warn clients before you delete?
9:31 PM  ScottGreenePhotography: DROBO….
9:31 PM  ScottGreenePhotography: thanks Mike
9:31 PM  Jackie_Kingsley: im with jennifer, im wondering who michele looks up to as far as other photographers?
9:32 PM  missymarie: what online back up do you use?
9:33 PM  TK: What were your biggest influences in actually learning all the little details of photography? Do you have any favorite books, websites or blogs that you use for inspiration?
9:33 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: is it possible to do birth without flash?
9:34 PM  missymarie: I know you sell the images on a CD to your clients…how do you sell product beyond that?
9:34 PM  TK: What printing company do you use and why?
9:36 PM  LisaManchesterPhotography: Do you recommend where to print their images?  If so, where do you recommend?
9:37 PM  JenniferPacheco: Who are the Pro’s you look up to and follow that inspire you?
9:38 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: Can you say the online printing co. again?
9:38 PM  missymarie:
9:39 PM  Sara Sue: who did you say before Bobby and Mike?
9:39 PM  missymarie: Jinky Art
9:39 PM  KellyHosch:
9:39 PM  frecklefaceCarol: Rob & Lauren from Photography cconcentrate
9:39 PM  Courtney Bolle: Rob and Lauren from Photo Concentrate
9:39 PM  Sarah R: Photography Concentrate
9:40 PM  missymarie: How did you make the jump to the price point for the session and CD combo?  I would love to run my business that way… =)
9:40 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: wow great to know how you work with your husband!
9:40 PM  Sara Sue: thank you for doing this interview!
9:41 PM  missymarie: we are keeping up with all the notes.. =)
9:41 PM  missymarie: How did you make the jump to the price point for the session and CD combo?  I would love to run my business that way… =)
9:41 PM  Sarah R: Since you dont’ do workshops for now, do you have others you would recommend?
9:42 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: since you are not doing workshops this year would you consider doing online workshops?
9:42 PM  GinnyB: Thank you Michele, you did awesome!
9:42 PM  missymarie: You are my favorite photographer, Michele!  I hope you have a workshop again soon!
9:42 PM  Lady G Photography UK: Mike, you did such a great job tonight and Michele you are awesome in every way, thank you x
9:43 PM  Jackie_Kingsley:
9:43 PM  missymarie: I charge for the session, and then a whole buncha product.  It’s hard to do it that way!
9:44 PM  LisaManchesterPhotography: Do you have a different rate for each type of session?  ie:  newborn, vs. family…
9:44 PM  Sara Sue: how many images on 1 cd?
9:45 PM  wainbowmudd: It would be awesome to have a flat rate for session, CD and an album so they always get one!   Hmmm that’s something to think about!
9:46 PM  Mean Baby: “why cant i just print these at walgreens?”
9:46 PM  JenniferPacheco: You are so awesome, Michele!!!  Thank you for coming out and answering all our questions! You Rock 😀
9:47 PM  ScottGreenePhotography: DO YOU GET THE COLD SHOULDER FROM PHOTOGS THAT PUSH PRINTS…. THEY SAY I AM KILLING THE “INDUSTRY”…. i say i am adapting and evolving
9:47 PM  KatjaWright: Glad to find a photog that does it the way I have chosen to do it…..confirms that I’m not totally wrong. 😉
9:47 PM  Sara Sue: 20 is a good ratio – sont you think?
9:49 PM  KatjaWright: I feel I’m in the business of TAKING & CRAFTING images not PRINTING them……right?
9:50 PM  Sarah R: As a CLIENT, I would love the sessioin/CD/album because, as Michele said, the client (ME in this case) probably isn’t going to actually get around to doing the album
9:51 PM  JessicaG: If you print at walgreens and print one at mpix  you can completely tell the quality difference
9:52 PM  Sarah R: wainbowmudd: It would be awesome to have a flat rate for session, CD and an album so they always get one!   Hmmm that’s something to think about!
9:52 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: cd plus album i
9:52 PM  JenniferPacheco: Digital images plus album I mean
9:52 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: not prints
9:53 PM  SamanthaBeauchamp: Yeah Scott.. Move to Austin.. 😉
9:53 PM  Melissa Sanchez: nah, just ignore the haters scott! it’s your business!
9:53 PM  Mean Baby: do you include some copy in your emails about how they should only upload the ones with your logo to FB?
9:53 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: hmm intresting, im glad you answered that, we were all looking into doing the album and cd combo 🙂
9:53 PM  wainbowmudd: 🙂
9:55 PM  missymarie: You are so awesome, Michele!!!
9:55 PM  JenniferPacheco: Yes!! you are amazing!!!!
9:55 PM  missymarie: thank you thank you thank you, michele!
9:55 PM  ScottGreenePhotography: scripts thru PS will do it automatically in ur meta data
9:55 PM  Sarah R: Thanks so much Michele & Mike!!
9:55 PM  Jackie_Kingsley: Thank You!!!! You did great! Both of you!
9:56 PM  Courtney Bolle: Thank you Michele & Mike! Great interview 🙂
9:56 PM  JanieJonesPhotography: Great job Michele!!!!!
9:56 PM  Melissa Sanchez: awesome show 🙂
9:56 PM  Mean Baby: thank you!!! great job!
9:56 PM  KatjaWright: Thanks guys, great stuff!
9:56 PM  Pinkletoes: Nighty night, all! Thanks for hanging out!!!
9:56 PM  JenniferPacheco: Thank You Mike!!!!  Thank you Michele!!!!   I lost feed, so I can’t wait to watch the replay!!!  Thank you again!
9:56 PM  LisaManchesterPhotography: Thank you, Michele!  Your work is amazing!
9:56 PM  paige714: Thank you Michele!!!!
9:56 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: Thank you Michele, my photographer crush just grew 🙂
9:56 PM  Days Go By Photography: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!  I enjoyed it so much!
9:56 PM  Sarah R: Scott Greene – scripts in PS will do what?
9:57 PM  agwphotography: Add your copyright/watermark info to your files
9:57 PM  wainbowmudd: Thank you so much guys!
9:57 PM  wainbowmudd: Great podcast!
9:58 PM  Jackie_Kingsley: Goodnight!!
9:58 PM  JenniferPacheco: Goodnight!!!
9:58 PM  Trevor: Thanks for a great show Mike and Michele!
9:58 PM  Sarah R: ah, thanks agw!
9:58 PM  Lady G Photography UK: Well done guys, Michele you did good x
9:58 PM  Beth: THank You, first time here and loved it! New photographer I will be back!
9:59 PM  frecklefaceCarol: so nice to see you Michele! Miss you!xoxo
9:59 PM  CaitlinDomanico: Can’t wait to subscribe! 😀 Go Michelle!!
10:00 PM  LisaManchesterPhotography: Favorite lenses…
10:00 PM  CaitlinDomanico: @Natalia— check out….just signed up with them a month ago…just fantastic!
10:00 PM  NataliaWalthPhotography: we’re just hardcore fans
10:07 PM  JenniferPacheco: Thank You!!!!
10:08 PM  silvioribeiro: Great show, thanks guys!
10:08 PM  Jackie_Kingsley: bye! good job mike
10:08 PM  jpeg2RAW_Mike: thanks
10:08 PM  jpeg2RAW_Mike: I miss Tim and Kat




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