Want to Host the jpeg2RAW Podcast?

Yea, that’s right!  We are looking for people who are interested in being a host on the jpeg2RAW Podcast.  No, this doesn’t mean Tim Kemperle or Kathleen Bowie are going anywhere.  But from time to time, they will need to miss a show for various reasons, like Tim’s wife having a baby.  Their absence creates a void on the show that in turn creates challenges.  For the jpeg2RAW Podcast, we have found that 3 hosts are the perfect number.  This allows each of us to focus on various task and keep the show moving along.

If you are interested, here are some of the requirements and things to consider:

  • Good internet connection.  At least 2Mbps upload speed and 5Mbps download
  • Decent webcam.  Webcam’s built into laptops are not ideal and there are many cheap solutions (see link below to one option).
  • Headset with microphone.  Mics built into either a laptop or a webcam will have feedback issues and are not adequate for being a host.  A headset with microphone or another microphone device (like Mike uses) are necessary. (see below for one option).
  • The computer you are using should have a hardwired connection to the internet and not a wireless connection.  Wireless may work, but we will need to do further testing to be sure.
  • Have a Google+ account so you can join the Hangout
  • Decent lighting at the location you will be hosting from.  Webcams need good light and will perform poorly in low light situations.
  • No distractions around you.  The mic will pick up all kinds of things.  Dishwasher, cell phone vibrating on your desk, kids screaming in the background.  Before signing up to be a host, make sure you can isolate yourself from distractions for the duration of the show, which for the host is generally about 2 hours on show night.
  • Be a decent interviewer, without talking over everyone else on the show
  • Always remember the guest (if there is one that week) is the focus of the show.
  • Dependable.  No problem missing a show, we just need adequate notice to schedule accordingly.
  • Have a passion for photography


Sounds like a lot, but most of them are really easy.  If you have any interest at all, feel free to e-mail the show at:  podcast@jpeg2raw.com and let’s talk about it.


Also, we are considering expanding the show by adding an additional podcast.  Still photography related, but a different podcast than the current jpeg2RAW Podcast.  The new show will contain the jpeg2RAW name (branding Smile), but will have a different targeted audience.  Where the current show is targeted at all photographers, we are exploring a more targeted show.  Still in the early development stages, but if you are interested in podcasting about photography, LET’S TALK!




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About geephotant

geephotant (Geek-Photographer-Accountant) (aka. Mike Howard) is the creator of Nov Studios and the jpeg2RAW podcast. Mike is an accountant by day as the Controller for a large US based corporation. By night, he is a geek and has appeared on the Home Server Show Podcast & the BYOB podcast ( both found at www.homeservershow.com). He has also appeared on the Home Tech Show podcast (www.theaverageguytv.com) and is now a regular guest on that show. Mike's true passion is photography and shoots when ever he can find time. As an amateur photographer, he is always looking to learn more about the craft.

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