Show #41–Laura Leslie – Wedding & Boudoir Photographer

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle & Kathleen Bowie interview photographer Laura Leslie.  Mike starts the show off with some sad news about a dear family member (our Black Lab – Maggie), then we announce the show hit 1,000 Likes in Facebook.  After the intro, Kathleen shares some points on when you know you are ready to go pro.  We then head into the main feature of the show, Laura Leslie.  We discuss her style and answer lots of questions from the chat room.


Facebook Milestone…1,000 Likes


Stitcher radio…many recent downloads


Hot Topic from jpeg2RAW page – What do you need to know before going Pro?  When should I be ready to charge?

    • One answer…Once I have a body of work that can be published.
  • Laura
    • After photographing friends and family to gain the experience.
    • Need to be proficient with your camera…not shooting in Auto.
    • Must start somewhere.
    • Once you have the passion and drive you are ready…start charging a little and increase as your skill set you can increase your price.
    • Have the desire and passion…you can conquer all
  • Kathleen
    • Technically proficient with gear (exposure triangle and how it works…be consistent – happy clients)
    • Fully committed to grow your business and craft
    • When people start calling to hire you\ that are not friends and family
    • Have business ducks in a row
      • Insurance
      • Tax Code for State
    • Understand the cost of doing a business…cover your costs, all of them
    • Acknowledge yourself as a photography…believe in yourself

Laura Leslie Photography

  • School – UGA – Graduated in 2007 with a Photography Degree (Major)
  • Started business in 2008…started a website.  By the middle to end of 2008 I start my business full time
  • Camera – Canon, 5d Mark 2 and an original 5d
  • Favorite Lenses – Tilt Shift.  A manual focus lens that tilts on an axis.
  • Environment appears important – this is my style.  I have the client complete a “who are you” form with questions in regard to…first date, how we met etc.  This enables me to stylize the photos to the client.
  • Underwater Shots – will be reviewed later…part of boudoir photography.
  • Picture referenced was first boudoir session…wasn’t tacky or distasteful.  Purchased on a whim an underwater housing from Adorama. The housings are very expensive…$1,900 and to rent is around $400.
  • Had model go underwater at the same time


  • Post Processing – Photoshop
    • In the first year I ran different actions on each photo
    • Now I run four actions from Red Leaf at different percentages
      • Velvet Sage
      • Film Pink
      • Provence
      • Alpine
    • Photo Mechanic – Photo Mechanic is a standalone image browser and workflow accelerator that lets you view your digital photos with convenience and speed. Photo Mechanic displays your “thumbnails” in a familiar “contact sheet” display window.  Allows for fast browsing and to quickly compare multiple images and select the best ones from a sequence.

QUESTION:  One thing that is my biggest:

  • Weakness: Balance – Photography and life…if you sacrifice one the other will suffer
  • Strength: Passion…takes me through hard and good times


Giveaway from Laura Leslie – 2 hour mentoring session.  Either in person or via Skype
paperpetunia is the winner…congrats



  • How many weddings per year?  Looking to cut off next year at 25 weddings…includes engagement / portrait sessions.  This year only four are in Georgia…going to Florida / Washington and next year Belgium.
  • How do you get clients?  Mainly these are referrals / Facebook page
  • How do you choose locations when not on home turf?  Google, look online to find locations that have been used and I can make it look the way I want.
  • You refer to “we”?  I have a second shooter that is available and if there are 200-300 guests I require a second shooter.
  • How did you get published? My photo was noticed on my blog and I received a request to have the photo published.
  • Who does your branding?  Leslie Vega Designs
  • Do you over-expose? Yes, by 2 stops for skin tones.  The main problem is the brides dress…I am able to recover in the RAW edit.




Some photos of Mike’s dog Maggie.  We love you Maggie and are praying we can spend some more time with you.

_D2X4264-20111219-Christopher & Maggie-Edit 003-5923
000-9216 003-5898
100-0859 100-7181



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Laura Leslie



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