Show #37 – Scott Greene – Senior Portraits

Host Mike Howard & Tim Kemperle (Kathleen Bowie is off tonight) are joined for Show #37 by Scott Greene of Scott Greene Photography. The guys cover a bit of recent news, cover the debate on if you should use a lens filter or not and then go over some self promotion ideas, especially related to Senior portraits.



Discussion with Scott Greene:

Lens Filters – UV Filter, debate – does it affect the quality of the image.  Scott did a test between the use and nonuse. Scott will continue to use…the filter because he would rather break a filter than the front element.

Types of Filters currently used:

    • UV / Skylight – protect the front element
    • Circular Polarizer – creates a deep blue sky, see through water or glass without reflections
    • Neutral Density (ND) – reduces the amount of light striking the sensor
    • Infrared -picture looks like a negative…green trees turn white

Billboards – How many people call the number on the board

    • Consensus – none

Question – how do you as a photographer promote yourself?

    • Senior photos – promote through Facebook.
      • Create ads with photos taken and Tag photo of senior…usually will create some additional photo sessions
      • Place an ad in Yearbook, journals..etc.
      • Anticipate some of these photos may turn into future Wedding sessions

Listener Questions:

    • How do you get people to look “in love” and not cheesy, get them comfortable enough
      • Hopefully if shooting a wedding the couple is already comfortable…if not usually you need to relax they guy and move forward
    • What determines the location you shoot
      • Typically, try to capture personality of the person being shot.
    • What kind of things do you discuss with your clients prior to the session?
      • Help decide a location, understand the client prior to the shoot.
      • Generally the first 15 minutes of the shoot are the odd time of learning each other.
    • Average time for a Senior shoot.
      • One to one-half hours…multiple locations
    • What about wardrobe? Seniors/engagements
      • Pet Peeve – no shirts with writing that can be read…a distraction
    • What lens do you shoot with the most?
      • 70-200 f2.8, go to lens…80% of the time
      • 12-24
      • 85

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