Outsource your editing?

Editing your photos can be rewarding or time consuming and frustrating.  If you fall into the second group, then outsourcing your edits (at least part of it) might be a good choice for you.  If you never considered this option, you may be surprised by the number of choices and the results.

To save you the time of doing all the testing for yourself, our very own Kathleen Bowie did a nice blog post on her site.  Head over to here site and give the post a read.















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About geephotant

geephotant (Geek-Photographer-Accountant) (aka. Mike Howard) is the creator of Nov Studios and the jpeg2RAW podcast.

Mike is an accountant by day as the Controller for a large US based corporation. By night, he is a geek and has appeared on the Home Server Show Podcast & the BYOB podcast ( both found at www.homeservershow.com). He has also appeared on the Home Tech Show podcast (www.theaverageguytv.com) and is now a regular guest on that show.

Mike’s true passion is photography and shoots when ever he can find time. As an amateur photographer, he is always looking to learn more about the craft.

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