Show #36 – Rachel Brenke – Photographer Business Plan

For Show #36, we are joined once again by the amazing Rachel Brenke.  Host Mike Howard & Tim Kemperle (Kathleen Bowie had the night off) interviewed Rachel with help from a ton a questions from chat and Facebook.  Rachel did an incredible job answering as many as possible and discussing her Photographer Business Plan.


Viewer Questions:

  • How do you manage and find balance between family/business/school…and every thing else you do?
    • First I “Cloned” myself 🙂
    • Working on the go
    • Outsource, Accounting Etc to balance life
    • Keep to Office Hours
    • Work from phone
    • Automate
    • Calendar – Schedule, Edit, Post Process added into the calendar
    • Average 2 sessions per weekend…with a max of four
    • Researched editing companies…have not found a company I like – Goal is to send out the reception shots and continue to edit the formal shots
    • Used my phone to perform many updates
  • This is not legal advice…just personal experience (what I learned)
    • Do you need to be registered?  No
    • 1. Automatically own the rights to your pictures
    • 2. If you offer digital files consider the phrase you give your clients…do not give the copyright, most clients are really looking for a Print Release…personal printing of any size to any object.
  • Does having a client pay a retainer fee ensure they show up for a photo shoot?
    • Yes, since instituted I have not had a customer not show.  When setting up a photo shoot I set aside my time, get a babysitter, and pay for a location.  This all costs money and having the retainer paid in advance has helped prevent no-shows
  • What would be the proper order to setting up your business
    • Depends on your technical skills
    • Become technically proficient you can then move on to the creative side
    • Know how to use your camera before you start charging
  • Pricing – It is an animal
    • What are the costs of doing business?  Your business?
    • Processing time
    • Marketing
    • Equipment
    • Outsourcing fees?
  • Best marketing tool that you have implemented into your biz
    • Social Media…price per reach is great.
    • Also looking for tangible marketing
    • Utilize Google Analytics to determine when people are on your page and how long they are there…it can help your site
  • Strong following on Facebook
    • Helping people…feel that if I help others it has paid back in customers
    • Developed a following from other photographers who have referred clients
    • Ensure people know where you are from otherwise you will lose them quickly
  • How do you have a great senior rep program
    • Identify the client you want
    • Get engaged with local schools
    • Have contracts in place
  • How old were your kids when you started and your husband away
    • Joshua – 5
    • Olivia – under 1 (she was the reason I received my camera as a Christmas present)
    • Make time to do it…you can always make time
  • Viewing sessions…in person or on line
    • Wedding is always in person
    • Individual sessions have been online but the goal is to do it in-person
  • What print houses do you use?  Did you try several
    • Tried several and knew the price point I wanted
    • Balanced the price / turnaround and quality
    • Millers Printing – colors have always been true to my screen
  • in the world of instant gratification do you email out a welcome kit or do you recommend mailing out a hard copy?  what should be in a welcome kit?
    • Depends on your style and what you want to do.
  • Discounts – Family / Friends
    • No…if I give a discount to my friends it would be most people.  I am in a business.  I prefer to give gifts versus a discount
  • Do you have a style? Does this prevent you from being creative
    • You develop a style as a creative photographer.
  • Since you do online viewing, when it comes to selling products do you feel that hurts you?
    • Yes…financially and personally
    • With online viewing you lose sales versus having the client with you where you are more likely to get a sale.
  • For how long do you save files from your clients? Do you always keep all of them or just pick out the best for your page/blog/advertisements/etc.?
    • Have files from way back when.  I have not deleted files and need to clean out my files.
  • Managing client expectations?
    • So far really lucky.  If I had an unhappy client they have not told me or I have not heard about it.  I have had some unhappy people from workshops.
  • What if a client doesn’t want to sign a contract?
    • They don’t go on the calendar, refund and don’t show
  • Alter a contract after a shoot?
    • No…a contract is a contract
    • Refer back to a contract if there are issues.
  • When should I register as a business?
    • My Personal View:  Don’t take a dime without being registered and collecting sales tax…it is a $500/day fine
  • Any tips on building self confidence
    • Continue trying to put best foot forward and the confidence will follow
  • Is giving “flyers” or something “physical” to neighbors or other people in public to advertise even for like mini sessions tacky? Is that a bad way to go about it?
    • No…just ensure you are not breaking any town ordinances







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