Show #35–Mike Colletta–Lighting Part 2

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle & Kathleen Bowie continue the discussion from Show #33 about lighting with guest Mike Colletta.


Mike Colletta photography at

Mike is a returning guest (show #32)..we simply ran out of time the last time he was on the air.  We will continue to discuss lighting and the difficulties it presents.  Mike learned on studio light versus using natural light.  Now Mike appreciates and understands how to manipulate the natural light.

Natural Light Image Review:

  • Man with Red Shirt – Natural Light, in the shade (corrugated metal room near train tracks), light is diffused but directional
  • Headshot of Woman looking to left (photo 17) – Canon 50/f1.2, natural light
  • Headshot of man with beard, Black & White – 100 Macro/f2.8 backdrop added

Studio Light Image Review:

  • Headshot of Woman with Blue background – Used a strip light to highlight the area behind the neck.  Need to ensure the light is far enough back to avoid the light striking the nose.
  • Headshot – blond woman, Christmas lights in the background – 30 Silver umbrella, in the middle of the umbrella is a 7” umbrella with a grid to throw a hard light
  • Woman holding a cup wearing a tie – Mola Dish…basically a giant beauty dish, 32” and a foot deep.
  • Man standing with hand on neck, tattoos on arms – 7 inch reflector, in between Butterfly and Rembrandt lighting – background, black foamcore, is set back far enough to avoid light hitting the background.
  • Photo of the studio showing setup of the lighting, 12’ backdrop and 5 umbrellas.  On either side of the model are two umbrellas stacked (called trees)
  • Senior Portrait – Senior with car and cash –
  • Women in couch with coffee cup – Beauty Dish bounced off the ceiling
  • Man and Woman holding Welders Shield –
  • Woman wearing suspenders – 7” Grid reflector plus sock
  • Man on Roof – Beauty Dish to match sun

Adobe Lightroom 3.0 Giveaway: 

  • And the winner is Charlene Holmes…the second winner is Stephen Riley

TIP:  Shooting tethered allows you to see what the light is doing to the photograph in real time






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