A Bare Naked Photographer

Okay, so maybe I’m not down to my birthday suit holding a D7000 (ha! note to self – that just might be the ticket to the perfect “laughing” shot), but I am naked none the less. I am unprotected from your criticism. I am wide open to your interpretation. I am putting my “eye” out there for you to poke at or to protect.

This is no easy passion. Some times it is seeded, watered and put in a vase for all of its beauty and other times it is stepped on and mowed over. For every amazing shot I get, there are twenty frames of “what was I thinking”.

(wait this isn’t a pity blog, there is a moral to the story)

What I see through my lens is right … in my eye. Maybe to some the exposure wasn’t perfect, maybe a head was cropped off, maybe it doesn’t fit the rule of thirds, but its me. Isn’t that the true beauty of art? Isn’t that what makes looking at someone else’s work so enjoyable? I see a photograph and though I am not sure WHY it is, I know I feel something because of WHAT it is. It’s someone’s heart, it’s someone’s expression, it’s someone’s beauty. So I look at everyone’s photographs like they are bare naked too, and I am thankful for their trust that I won’t laugh but appreciate their perspective. So take off your skivvies and be the photographer you want to be and not who you think everyone will like!



(You may see a photo of a person cropped out of the frame but I see dad throwing his little girl up past the blurring tree lines – a priceless moment in my eyes)

So stop worrying about the perfect “exposure” and take the photograph how you see it. If you see it grainy, turn up your ISO and you will have noise. If your mind see’s a beautiful light that day, turn down your shutter and let it in. If you see the day as night, turn up your shutter and close out the light … whatever you see is RIGHT – just display it in the picture you are taking. I will value it because it is what you are!





Thank you,

Stacie Jensen

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Simple Gal with a camera and a passion! I have loved art since I can remember. I excelled in art classes, so quickly I realized I had to make this a career. When I graduated in 1996, I immediately jumped into web design and then naturally went into graphic design and photography. I can’t seem to stop the creative idea’s from flowing. I want to create, create, create! xoxo Stacie Jensen

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