Show #29 – Heidi Guerard

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie are joined by Photographer Heidi Guerard of Heidi Hope Photography .  The show opens with a bit of news, including Mike using Manual mode and the new jpeg2RAW Giveaway – Lightroom 3!



  • Photoshop CS6 Demo –
    • New details leaking out such as Content aware fill which as been improved
  • Tim takes new Sony A77 for a spin in Washington DC
  • Mike goes Manual (about time)
    • Have not seen the benefits of using manual previously
    • Shot some landscape photos this weekend and found that at times it is easier to get the exposure I am looking for
    • Not suited for sports photos but static shots work better
    • New way of looking at photographers
  • Lightroom 3.0 Giveaway – runs through the end of March with winner in April 2012
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    • Subscribe to the podcast
    • Get others to sign up and have them add your name for an additional credit to your name for the drawing
    • Winner will also get time with Mike and Tim via Google+ for approximately one hour training

HEIDIof Heidi Hope Photography

  • Recent interview
    • Camera – Nikon D3s
    • Lens used
      • 50 1.4 – babies indoors
      • 85 1.4 lens – usually outdoors because I need to step back too far
      • 60 Macro – detail shots
  • How did you get into photography
    • Went to school for fine arts, Art education.  Started teaching and taught B&W photography.  Spent the summer in the dark room learning exposure and developing.  At the time DSLR started and I started with a Canon Rebel and ended up learning Photoshop as well.
  • Photos taken are:
    • Babies
    • Boudoir
  • Husband runs the business end of the business which allow me to focus on photography
  • While having good work is important you need to also market.  Responding to customers on a timely basis is important
  • Workforce
    • Full-time editor
    • Full-time graphic designer
    • Added another photographer
      • Was difficult to first decide to get another photographer and equally as hard to get someone whom would fit within the team.  I was pleased to see the level of photographers that applied.
  • What are you stronger with – Creativity / Technical
    • Creative – Very visual, I can see what I am looking for in the picture and don’t get bogged down in the details
  • No lights used…prefer natural light.  This is what I am used to
    • Sunny day – ISO 200
    • Will go as high as ISO 1600 and reduce in Photoshop
    • Will use a soft-box at times
  • Newborn safety photography
    • Big issue currently in the field.  Plenty of current workshops on the issue are available.
    • Some pictures are created through composites which ensure the baby is supported even though the final picture is does not show the support.
    • Ensure you have current insurance to protect yourself
    • Photo Review – Baby resting on mans arm.  The baby is being supported by the mom behind the backdrop
    • Get a business bank account
  • Tip – Placing subjects for catch-light
    • Place subject and walk around until you see where the catch-light grabs the subjects eyes
  • Advice to those starting
    • Separate business and personal accounts
    • Keep receipts separate
    • Register name of business in state and for sales tax
    • Contract for your state – have a lawyer review
  • How to avoid getting repetitive and become creative?
    • The more you take the shots the more you realize the issues you have and you end up becoming creative to figure out what to do different in the future
  • Why switch from Canon to Nikon
    • Read every review before switching from Rebel to professional camera.
    • Selected the Nikon based on low light photography
  • Do you do anything special for White Balance
    • Started with Auto While Balance
    • Now I select White Balance and still pick within Photoshop to tweak
    • Do not utilize a Gray Card
    • Shot in RAW and may adjust in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)
  • Questions
    • How do you store your work?
      • Upload pictures
      • Immediately backup to server
      • Server backed up online (Backblaze)
      • Suggestion by Mike
        • Drobo – RAID storage built into one device
    • How long are newborn sessions
      • Approximately 3 hours
      • Usually very laid back
      • If baby is awake – start with family shots
      • If baby is asleep – start with beanbag
      • Wrap up with family shots that were not completed
    • How many shots taken at each session
      • Newborn – shooting wide open – five/six shots in each pose to ensure proper focusing
      • Client gets 20-30 shots – usually give 30-40 (max 50)
    • Rates based on session fee (pre-session consult, session, editing, post-session review – the prints are then purchased À la carte which are all in person
    • Do you do previews – most clients want a sneak preview online
    • Financial Software – Quickbooks
    • Favorite Actions
    • Methods to get your name out there
      • Started a website, spent a long time getting it set
      • Promotional sessions (portfolio building)
      • Now word of mouth
    • How long to edit baby session
      • 2 year ago it took approximately 3 hours,
      • now I have an editor that goes through the pictures






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geephotant (Geek-Photographer-Accountant) (aka. Mike Howard) is the creator of Nov Studios and the jpeg2RAW podcast. Mike is an accountant by day as the Controller for a large US based corporation. By night, he is a geek and has appeared on the Home Server Show Podcast & the BYOB podcast ( both found at He has also appeared on the Home Tech Show podcast ( and is now a regular guest on that show. Mike's true passion is photography and shoots when ever he can find time. As an amateur photographer, he is always looking to learn more about the craft.

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